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Is Rudy getting revenge?

 Believe it or not, Rudy Giuliani is not stupid. He’s not crazy, either. Ruthless, horrible, and grotesque, maybe, but he’s not a fool or a lunatic…and he does have a vengeful streak. 1,226 more words

Historical Tipping Point: Trump Tower in Russia

The historical tipping point is now. Although it is just a matter of time to convince people, Buzzfeed breaks out the major solid evidence that Trump commits obstruction of justice about his and his family’s involvement in the Russia Trump tower. 12 more words


FBI investigation into Trump intensifies while Trump acts like a child

And I thought last week was busy.

Donald Trump, in response to reports that the FBI began an investigation of him last year to find out whether he had a clandestine agenda to help Russia, said that former FBI director James Comey and other “losers” at the bureau “tried to do a number on your President.” He called Comey a “total sleaze” and “crooked cop.” 2,469 more words


Trump's 'no collusion' claims unravelling

Donald Trump and his supporters have adamantly claimed there was ‘no collision’ between his campaign and Russia leading up to the 2016 US election, but that is unravelling. 1,019 more words

Donald Trump

Trump Told Michael Cohen To Lie About Russia Deal -- Report

President Trump instructed his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie before Congress about a business deal he was trying to complete with the Russian government during his presidential campaign, according to a report published late Thursday. 405 more words

Petty Little Lies

Everyone lies, now and then, usually to keep the peace. No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat, not at all. Everyone cheats a little too. 3,556 more words

Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Rudy Giuliani’s remarks on collusion

Seth Meyers looks at Rudy Giuliani’s recent remarks in Meyers inimitable style