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Read the 911 truth and you will be very angry

by Alex Bruce

A stunning list of 9/11 facts was posted to truthbits.blog that I’ve shared below. Reflecting upon this information, one is confronted with an evil operating within the US Government so unfathomable and perverse that words fail to describe it. 1,553 more words


Jayrey's Universal Power Rankings 4/23/18

Welcome back amigos! Looks like I didn’t offend you too horribly if you’re back for more. Last week was a doozy and there were some real movers and shakers climbing and descending my arbitrary ranks. 902 more words


Why Did President Donald Trump Add Rudy Giuliani To His Legal Team? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

President Trump’s legal team is growing after the hiring of former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Ali Velshi takes a closer look Giuliani’s policies and MSNBC legal Analyst and former Assistant Special Watergate Prosecutor Nick Akerman weighs in. 92 more words


Attorney: ‘Very Unlikely’ Rudy Giuliani Will End Robert Mueller Investigation | MSNBC

President Trump is adding a big name to his legal team, former New York City Mayor and presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. MSNBC’s Chris Jansing and her panel consider how this new appointment might play out. 77 more words


Word on the Street

Today I’ve posted the first ever Word on the Street video.  Word on the Street takes the latest headlines and news talking points and goes deeper.  53 more words


Rudy Giuliani, Two More Lawyers Join President Donald Trump Legal Team | MTP Daily | MSNBC

The MTP Daily panel discusses the new additions to Trump’s legal team, including former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

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In an Effort to Curb Unemployment, Trump Hires Rudy Giuliani to Legal Team

On Thursday, the White House announced that the President would be hiring Rudy Giuliani in an attempt to bring down the unemployment rate. “It’s just so sad to see a guy like Rudy, who worked so hard for six years, and then just lost his job.” Said Mr. 60 more words

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