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The FBI is Becoming a Partisan Side Show

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is devolving into a partisan agency instead of the impartial department it is supposed to be. James Comey’s leadership is lacking and the agency as a whole is not doing it’s job. 476 more words


Liar, Liar, World on Fire: Donald Trump, Republicans and their Long War on Truth

It appears that Trump, the businessman and Trump, the candidate, as well as Trump, the President of the United States, seem to all have difficulty with facts.  733 more words



Aside from Mickey Mouse and Rudy Giuliani, Punxsutawney Phil is probably the most famous rodent in the world. Since 1887, the chubby groundhog has emerged from his burrow every February 2nd to give a super-scientific weather prediction. 175 more words

Yonatan Zunger | Trial Balloon for a Coup?

The theme of this morning’s news updates from Washington is additional clarity emerging, rather than meaningful changes in the field. But this clarity is enough to give us a sense of what we just saw happen, and why it happened the way it did. 

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Constitutional Rights

Democrats Become "Psycho Ex-Girlfriend"

Post Election.  A large segment of Clinton-Sanders voters have refused to accept the results of Election 2016.  Although, Mrs. Clinton conceded twice and Jill Stein’s fake recount failed, it’s still not enough for the left. 234 more words

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Rudy Giuliani Explains How The Immigration Order Was Decided And Drafted

Liberals are going crazy over President Trump’s immigration executive order restricting foreigners and refugees from entering the United States. They’ve claimed it’s a religious test. It’s not. 27 more words