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A Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video: "America the Rudyful"

By Elaine Magliaro

Last week, award-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore wrote about failed presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani and remarks that he made about President Obama during a private dinner featuring Wisconsin Governor Scott  that was held at Manhattan’s Club 21. 210 more words

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Facebook retaliation...

Remember C. J. Pearson,  the twelve-year-old who posted a superb defense of Rudy Giuliani’s criticism of His Oneness?   Well,  Facebook has locked his  account,  and won’t respond to questions about it.

Funny how that happened…

"The GOP's Obsession With Words": Those Who Suggest Obama Doesn’t Use The Words They Prefer, 'He’s Not One Of Us'

I am truly fascinated with the GOP’s obsession with words over actions. It actually goes back much further than the recent nonsense about what President Obama calls the members of ISIS. 560 more words


"Rolling Out The Welcome Wagon For The Bad Guys": It May Be Speaker John Boehner And The GOP Who Do Not Love America

Rudy, oh dear Mr. Former Mayor, it seems that that you got it all wrong when you accused the president of not loving America. It’s so hard to watch you spout such stuff because you were such a respected man. 360 more words


Scott Walker Denies Comparing Protesters To ISIS, Says Obama Loves America

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker on Sunday made an effort to walk back recent controversial comments comparing union protesters to the Islamic State group and expressing doubt over whether President Barack Obama loves America.

154 more words

The real Rudy Giuliani

By Former Assemblyman Steven Sanders

On September 10, 2001 Rudy Giuliani was approaching the end of his eight year tenure as Mayor of the City of New York. 561 more words


"President Obama’s Impact On Racism": Exposing The Reality Of The Continued Normalization Of Racism Ignored For The Last 40 Years

A lot of pundits have suggested that the presidency of Barack Obama has polarized the racial divide in this country. And there’s some truth to that. 732 more words