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Rudy's II

I got my BBQ fix at Rudy’s tonight. Dinner included moist brisket, turkey, Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Sause, bread, pickles, cream corn, and sweet tea. Everything was wonderful.


Interview: Rudy's Pizza

Despite once being the food of peasants, Pizza is now a flexible, staple of our modern diets – whether it’s comfort eating, festival binging or fine-dining; Pizza has found its way onto the menu. 901 more words


Monday at Home

Good Morning!

I’m home sick today, like actually sick. So my weekend literally consisted of Nyquil, sleeping, and TV/movies (We caught up on Once, watched Walter Mitty, Let’s Be Cops, Bachelor in Paradise, Harry Potter and some others while I was in and out of consciousness)! 135 more words



I had a late dinner at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q tonight. Pretty simple – brisket and iced tea. It was quite tasty as per the norm, and I was almost the last person to leave the establishment.


Experience Oswego

If you haven’t already realized, Oswego has a lot to offer. It may be a small city, but if you look around, there’s many places to go and things to see. 263 more words

Balkono būklė prieš stiklinimą ir apdailą

Žiemą galutinai išsiardėme balkoną (apie apdailos šalinimą skaitykite čia). Visų pirma reikėjo nusipjauti metalinę atitvaro dalį, nes ji atrodė štai taip (surūdijusią dalį buvo galima tiesiog lankstyti pirštais, viskas trupėjo): 280 more words


Rudy's Tacos

Let me start off by saying that is must be the best taco anyone can buy with money. It comes from the restaurant Rudy’s Tacos. This is one of those restaurants that you have never herd of but when you do happen to stumble in you are more the pleasantly suprised.   138 more words

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