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Tuesdays Off

Thought I’d post something a bit different on the blog today! Me and my boyfriend (Forbes) I’ve never really given him a proper introduction on here. 507 more words

2018 Best Fried Chicken Places I've Visited.

Image from Gus’s Fried Chicken in Austin, TX

To know me is to know that I know fried chicken. I’ve probably eaten at over 1000 establishments in my lifetime that serve fried chicken. 628 more words


Letter Writing month just around the corner

Well, it’s almost here “letter writing month”  and I’m all in so not only will friends and angels in disguise get something from me.    431 more words

Hello Pennsylvania

Hello Pennsylvania,  here to visit Lake Worth Beach on this gorgeous 81 degree.   Staying in W Palm for a week.   The traffic has already been diverted as of this Friday Morning to set up for not just Street Painting but also for tonight’s Taste of Lake Worth. 150 more words

Garlic Fest Volunteer Log day two

Came early again with renewed enthusiasm.   Sharing what makes Lake Worth so special.  It takes a great many volunteers to make anything happen.  As our Mayor Pam said only days ago the volunteer hours given by our community were over  600,000  and valued at  $   ??      335 more words

Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q

Yesterday was my travel day back to Utah so I thought I’d finish the trip with another Austin favorite. I’ve heard about Rudy’s from pretty much everyone I’ve talked to and it really was great! 468 more words


Rudy’s Mexican Food

April 23, 2015

Monrovia, California – I had some business in town to attend to this afternoon. But because I misread the instructions, I arrived at the location a couple of hours ahead of time. 1,174 more words

Restaurant Review