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Sonnet 23: As An Unperfect Actor

William Shakespeare

As an unperfect actor on the stage,
Who with his fear is put beside his part,
Or some fierce thing replete with too much rage,

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Sonnet 40: Take all my loves

William Shakespeare

Take all my loves, my love, yea, take them all:

What hast thou then more than thou hadst before?

No love, my love, that thou mayst true love call— …

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On May 19, 1988.

On May 19, 1988, “DreamWorks” label released the self-titled debut album by Rufus Wainwright. It was recorded 1986 – 1987, and was produced by Jon Brion and Pierre Marchand. 133 more words

Rufus Wainwright interview (Clash, 2016)

I’ve been a fan of Rufus Wainwright for about ten years now, and for a long time his music has been the soundtrack to all sorts of ups and downs in my life, from the highest highs to the lowest lows. 84 more words

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Dad music

I’m now of the age where I only know who is in the charts if I hear them on a TV ad.

Today was spent listening to ‘classic’ music from the 1990’s, I am a member of Generation X but we are being left behind in the alphabetisation of time.

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Montreal International Jazz Festival: Brian Wilson, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Oliver Jones on tap

Let’s get the irresponsible speculation out of the way: Will members of Arcade Fire help close out the Montreal International Jazz Festival’s 37th edition?

The stage seems set for that to happen, but even if it doesn’t come to pass, the festival has a corker of a finale lined up for July 9, when the Preservation Hall Jazz Band headlines Théâtre Maisonneuve of Place des Arts. 1,076 more words


New Music Monday - April 25, 2016

Alright, back to chipping away at the monolith that is MODERN MUSIC. I read some tweets that said that the only people who should be writing about that new Beyonce thing are black women, and I’m inclined to be fine with that. 760 more words