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The Mighty Mini

I love Ruger Firearms.  My very first gun was an SP-101 .357 mag.  At one point, Ruger seemed to be reading my mind.  I wanted a revolver that took more than 2 calibers- They made the Ruger Blackhawk .357 with an interchangeable 9mm cylinder.  2,278 more words

.22 Plinkster Reviews The Ruger PC Carbine

We’re starting to see some reviews of the new PC Carbine announced by Ruger. Here’s one by .22 Plinkster:

I still think it’s ugly (but it is growing on me) and I am still concerned about reliability with Glock mags but I am pretty interested in this little guy.

God bless!


Ruger MK II Owners: "Hammer Strut Support" for Ease of Cleaning & Disassembly!

Source: Hammer Strut Support

ANY & ALL Ruger MK II owners who have disassembled their gun for cleaning know what we are talking about!!!  This $14 part is worth every RED CENT!!  93 more words

2nd Amendment

New Year, New Guns - Ruger Edition

Welcome to 2018! America is a weird, weird place today. Gun rights are simultaneously being chipped away at at the State level and expanded Federally, “cisgender” is a word now, everybody has PTSD, feelings matter, our political process has become nothing more than a meme war on social media,  and everybody… everybody is getting “triggered”. 538 more words

The Armory

Ruger Is At It Again...

Ruger updated their web site today, specifically the pages for the Ruger American Ranch and Predator rifles. They have released an update to this line of rifles that use either AR or Accuracy International compatible magazines depending on the caliber. 87 more words


The New Ruger PC Carbine

Similar to Ruger’s long discontinued PC-9 and PC-40 carbines, but greatly improved!

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