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Roma - Underwater!

Some exciting reviews of underwater Roman ruins.

First, a discovery almost 50 acres of ruins off the coast of Tunisia. The North African city of Neapolis is believed to have been submerged after a tsunami in the 4th century AD destroyed most of it, as recorded by Roman soldier and historian  Ammianus Marcellinus. 495 more words


Album Review: First Aid Kit - Ruins

Often, artists choose random objects, phenomena or things to name their band, ensuring that they completely lose all meaning – think The Beatles (does that really make you think of insects?), The Rolling Stones (rolling where?) and Arctic Monkeys (won’t they be freezing?). 256 more words

The Excavation of Troy

It is the spring of 1873 and beneath the warm Turkish sun workmen labour at a mound of earth and stone. Standing guard over the shimmering blue waters of the Dardanelles, the causeway between Europe and Asia, lie the ruins of not one but… 744 more words



Last summer I explored a slowly crumbling couples resort. The place reeked of  the 70s which gave the place a strange feeling of being lost in time. 86 more words


Music Monday: First Aid Kit's new record + the blog turns 2!

I’m all about powerful women in the music industry. From Dolly Parton to Miranda Lambert to Demi Lovato, there’s a strong female presence in the business that’s growing rapidly. 656 more words


First Aid Kit - Ruins

I don’t remember how I was referred to this video, but back in October I watched this captivating concept video of this jangly number depicting the two sisters experiencing the same happenings, but one with a little more attention and success, while the other essentially ends up walking solemnly in the rain. 248 more words