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UPDATE: Crash Reported In Wagener Involving Semi, Another Vehicle

Wagener, SC – We have learned there has been a crash in Wagener, South Carolina involving a tractor-trailer and another vehicle.

The crash happened on Old Ninety-Six Indian Trial at Daytona Road. 43 more words


Midservice Conference and the Rucu Pichincha Volcano

So after having out Mid-Service Conference, it hit me that I’ve been in Ecuador for little over a year. Wow. It still feels like yesterday that I was boarding a plane to Miami to go to the Peace Corps staging event. 788 more words

Peace Corps

Hadith 5: Worship and Innovation

It is narrated on the authority of the Mother of the Believers, Um Ábdullah, Áishah (may Allah be pleased with her), who said: The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,  1,106 more words

Forty Hadith Explained

Where should a person in Salaah place his hands after rising from Rukoo`?

All praise be to Allaah. May peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allaah, his family, and Companions. Many people from here and abroad inquire about the position of placing the hands after Rukoo` (bowing). 447 more words

The Miscellaneous Fatwas (كتاب الجامع)

Finally at ease...

And I abandoned here I stand

Depended on people and the errands they ran

What was once a huge blob of faces

Are now faded masks with no sign of  footstep or traces… 280 more words

Salah Prayers

There are many conditions and prerequisites for Salah which I won’t go into here. Please consult your imam, sheikh or an authoritative text. My purpose here is simply to clarify for myself the correct words I should say during the Salah prayer. 933 more words