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Rule 5: Jordan Carver

Truly, rare readers, spring is bustin’ out all over.

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Rule 5: Girl With Gun

About time we got back to the Rule 5s. This nice posterior view is only the start.


Rule 5: Hot Country Edition

Dear Miranda Lambert,

Blake is a loser. I’m from Mississippi, therefore country by birth and not a loser.

Call me.

Your pal,


Rule 5

Rule 5: Maria Sharapova's Butt Goes to Mexico

Politics are frustrating. Work has been a massive grind. Travel sucks. And just in time for some fun and frivolity comes a gift from Heaven – Maria Sharapova’s taught hindquarters on vacation in Mexico… 6 more words

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Rule 5: Paulette Goddard

Far and away the best part of a real stinker of a movie Mr. Boy and I watched last night: Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” of 1936. 29 more words

Mr. Boy

Rule 5: Sheldon's Sister


It has been a while since TRNL has witnessed a Rule 5 post, so here we go with the stunning Courtney Henggeler, otherwise known as Missy Cooper, sister of the Big Bang Theory’s resident big brain, Sheldon Cooper from east Texas… 32 more words

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Rule 5: Ashley Graham

The latest pic of one of our all-time, absolute favorite plus-sized models.

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