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I just published my latest class on Skillshare:

Feel like designing using Rule of Thirds, Odds and Space? We got this: https://t.co/akLDwCjEBC #design #webdesign pic.twitter.com/HDUMZezWsc…

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Designing Online Images part 3: The Rule of Space

I covered The Rule of Odds in the last post of this online designing series and now it’s time to wrap things up by looking at the Rule of Space.   712 more words

Designing Online Images part 2: The Rule of Odds

Continuing on from where we left off with The Rule of Thirds, let’s now go through the Rule of Odds for designing online images.   626 more words

Crop Shop: Waiting for the Morning Glow

The Holy Crop team just returned from our annual winter workshop to the Badlands of South Dakota.  While there are many crops yet to come from the careful framing of our photographs in the Badlands, I thought I would share this image. 381 more words

Badlands National Park

Crop of the Day: Anti-Cropping: Up-close with a Bighorn

Too much lens?

The 300 MM F4L on the Canon 7D was a little long – especially when shooting from the car. Not only did I not crop this, I actually had to add space to it on the left side to improve the composition. 90 more words


Golden Rectangle–Golden Spiral-Snowy Owl

What happens when the three combine?

Compositional Nirvana.

There is the Golden Ratio or Golden Rectangle which describes a long-touted harmonious relationship between width and height.  Recent examinations of the relationships between various sweet spots or… 327 more words


Look Left – Look Right… Into Space

Back to Basics here at Holy Crop! today.

I’ve written many times about the concept of space in your composition and ultimately your cropping, whether in-software, in-camera or both. 367 more words

Rule Of Space