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More books. Less Truth

Dear Aidelem,

Some people collect baseball cards. (Who? I don’t know. Somebody must, or they wouldn’t keep printing them.) Other people collect cars. I collect stuff too, but I’m a geek so I collect things like good definitions, songs that fit together, and rules of thumb. 414 more words


Good Design Gets You in the Game...

…great design is the game winner.

Welcome to the world where design is king.

In the old days, designers were an afterthought, the people at the end of the production process. 577 more words



I was practicing guitar – a piece I’ve played thousands of times through over 4 years of near-daily practice, and have not yet mastered: Cliffs of Dover, by Eric Johnson. 511 more words


Rules of Thumb: A Guide to Surviving the Best Experimental Years of Your Young Adult Life

Rules of Thumb: A Guide to Surviving the Best Experimental Years of Your Young Adult Life.

By Amanda Barnard

I recently went to the US border and during the process of renewing my Nexus passport the Canadian border officer gave me three valuable tips that I’d like to share with you. 914 more words


Rules of Internet Safety (Basics):

When we first get a new computer or device, we get too eager to just jump in and setup many different accounts and passwords. You think just because you have an antivirus installed, you are protected, and you would be wrong! 315 more words

It takes 30 hours of conversation to know whether you really like someone. Be wary of anyone who invites you only to places where you can’t chat, such as movies, plays, or concerts.

-B. Bell-



Always include condoms in your camping gear.  They are great for protecting wristwatches, safeguarding money, and many other things.

-Denis Smith, (high school counsellor)-