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MIND: Systematic

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

// Pablo Picasso


What's your Type(face)?

 Type and Photography

This design was made for a website for inspiration  for magazine layouts. It was created to show that you can be bold and neat with your designs. 473 more words


Its not necessary to win from someone else to be a champion, but to defeat our own mindset…

“My competition is myself” and with this same attitude, dedication, and support, motivation by me, my client and friend- ‘Mr. 29 more words


Bad code practices : don't review them, but write code to ban them.

This is getting boring when you are in charge of software quality :

“- stop sending primitive values in your parameters”
“- remove this foreign data structure from the code, it is error prone” 801 more words


Traffic Rules for bikes

Today on The Bike Nerd, we talk about traffic rules for bikes. Yep they exist. Read on… 399 more words


The Evergoing Debate Between Mixed Martial Arts and Traditional Martial Arts

I’m now going to squash the evergoing debate between mixed martial arts and traditional martial arts.

Traditional martial artists always argue that their style is not effective in MMA “because of the rules”. 235 more words


UPRISING, is a game that challenges players to deduce one another’s identities.

You may have played similar games such as AUSONLINE: MAFIA which have their merits, but in UPRISING players don’t die—meaning no one gets left out of the fun. 1,358 more words