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Oops...I Just Realized...

In this modern age of board gaming, there are plenty of games available with a variety of rules, mechanisms, and complex things to remember during the course of a game. 1,188 more words


Smart motorway driving law - The new rules you need to know to avoid a £100 fine

Motorists can be fined £100 and land three penalty points if they ignore a lane closure on a smart motorway.Smart motorways are going to become more prevalent in the UK and set to grow from 416-miles to 788-miles in operation by 2025. 17 more words


A Little Rain Will Do It

Have you noticed how quickly airports shut down at the first sign of rain that splashes the tarmac? Twice now I’ve been left waiting at the gate for hours for the weather to clear up. 451 more words


The Difference Between "Right" and "Wrong"

This sermon was given by Rev Sue on Wednesday 12 June 2019. You can listen again here:

10 Techniques to Help Your Child Resist Peer Pressure

As our kids grow, they experience an urge to fit in with their friends or peer. This desire to gel with the kids of their own age group, called peers is quite common among growing children. 1,173 more words


Avoid Ascribing Guilt or Menace

I have been engaged with Stoicism for several years now and even though I work on recognizing my thoughts and reactions to the world around me, I am still frequently surprised by how quickly I can assume bad intent in another person and view others as terrible people when they do something I don’t like. 653 more words


Britons could be BANNED from the US over strict new social media rules

USA holidays require Britons to obtain a visa to enter America but entry rules have become much stricter – this is the latest travel advice. Earlier this month it was announced that social media details would have to be revealed by those applying for a US visa. 12 more words