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Have a Drink: Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre cocktail | Relampago’s Rating:

Cuba Libres are basically a Rum and Coke with some lime added. They’re a popular cocktail down here in the Caribbean. 356 more words

Have A Drink

Long term neglect leads to new market growth

As a result of long-term neglect, the effects of contemporary liquor marketing, and other historical factors, most drinking Africans are out of touch with rum. These days, rum is mainly viewed as an alternative to vodka; another way to spike a glass of cola. 414 more words

Cuba Libre? Not For Dissidents Who Were Stuffed In Jail Cells Ahead Of Obama’s Visit

American Military News picked up my piece on President Obama’s trip to Cuba.

Cuba may be just a stone’s throw from the southernmost tip of Florida, but it exists in another universe when it comes to basic human rights. 60 more words

Forget adding Coke.

It’s time to throw away that Rum and Coke and start sipping your Rums.

For whatever reason – we have not been exposed to the wide variety of Rums that are available throughout the world. 46 more words

Day 7 Emergency-Stay-Sober-Preparedness Kit

Yesterday was hard. Really, really hard. I had what felt like every force against me. Bad mood, zero energy, a sick kid, rainy, and a big project to do. 413 more words

Day 4, or... Closing the Bottle and Opening My Eyes

What an incredible feeling. My fourth day sober. FOURTH! And for the first time ever a real and true fourth. I did not lie to myself saying that those 2 glasses of wine don’t really count, or that a day still counted because I didn’t start until after 6. 318 more words

Zaya Gran Reserva


A bottle of Zaya Gran Reserva rum has sat unopened, staring at me, beckoning me for about three days. Today, I finally opened it. It’s sealed with a black painted aluminum foil, and when I tore out the pull tab I was pleased to see a cork inside. 419 more words