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Zaya Gran Reserva


A bottle of Zaya Gran Reserva rum has sat unopened, staring at me, beckoning me for about three days. Today, I finally opened it. It’s sealed with a black painted aluminum foil, and when I tore out the pull tab I was pleased to see a cork inside. 419 more words


Dark Rum and Pepsi

I’ve been putting off writing this, because I’m not really sure what’s going to come out. Maybe it’s better to just get it out there. 321 more words

#3 The Cuba Libre (or Rum and Cola)

Most people like Rum and there fore it has a strong position in cocktails around the world. It deserves its place in every bars speed rack. 605 more words


Rum and Coke

Staring at the rim
Of a glass of rum and coke
Where temptation is a ball full of eye
And taste, heaven on tongue tip… 69 more words

Coke and Whiskey

I will be yankee through and through until the day I die, unless you hand me a coke and whiskey. Put a bottle of coke in my hand (preferably with some fighting cock mixed in) and I automatically feel the need to put on some boots, curl my hair, do my makeup, and drive a truck through some mud. 210 more words


With Christmas less than two weeks away, the holiday rush is officially in full swing! If you’re like me, your gift-giving list is a mix of family members, friends, co-workers, and Secret Santa’s; a group of wonderful people all with varying tastes. 252 more words


Hot Time in the Old Town

Last week we went into Cape May for the West Cape May Christmas parade.

Tonite we are walking two blocks up to the Lower Township Christmas parade.The difference? 19 more words

Coconut Rum