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All that's white ain't milk

My father was apparently a sickly child, prone to fevers.  Every time he was delirious, his mother would mix hot, sweetened milk with carbonated water (aka club soda, sparkling water, seltzer, fizzy water) and make him drink it, and as lore would have it, the fever would disappear.   592 more words

Chai & RumChata

Hashtag where’s the snow? (I don’t really do #, can you tell?) We had been expecting the Twin Cities to wake up to snow, snow, and more snow today. 277 more words

Day Drinking: The French Kiss

The French Kiss. The preliminary act of foreplay. It is sensual, it is sweet, it is erotic, it is innocent, it is also one of my favorite films but I digress. 147 more words

Cocktails & Conversations...

Most of my family knows my love for coffee. So for Christmas I received a box of coffee creamers. However, they are not your ordinary, everyday creamers.  111 more words



Cream liqueurs in the drinks market are seen as a Marmite category; some people love them, some see it as too sweet. But yet, nearly every bar and restaurant will have some sort of cream liqueur, whether it’s the well-known Bailey’s or the likes of Amarula, there will always be a place for them when drinks are offered. 258 more words


Spice up winter with RumChata

Christmas may be over but the cold weather cocktail season is just beginning. From spiked hot chocolate or coffee to frosty champagne cocktails the cooler weather is the perfect reason to enjoy a boozy beverage inside. 151 more words

Apple Pie Pudding Shots

Alcoholic apple pie a la mode!

1 box sugar free vanilla pudding
¾ cup skim milk
1/2 cup apple vodka
1/4 cup Rumchata
1 tub of fat free whipped topping… 30 more words