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My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Day 71


Day 71: I tried the RumChata. Every time I turn around I hear someone oohing and ahhing over the RumChata. I’m glad I only bought the 99 cent mini bottle! 49 more words

Snowy Days and Hot Drinks

Did everyone make it out of the snow okay? That was brutal!

If you don’t live in the Northeast, then congrats, because you missed out on one hell of a blizzard. 246 more words


White Chocolate Rumchata with Salted Caramel Bacon Pudding Shots

Sunday, at the Vikings vs. Bears game, I made almost 90 of these little gems for the tailgate lots; not only were they were gone within 45 minutes… they made national television because they looked so irresistible!   404 more words


Open Tab's first episode is up now!

What a great way to start the holidays with this online show. Here is the first episode were releasing. More coming soon!

New Video

Proper Pairings

If you’ve ever struggled with wine or adult beverage pairings, I’ve got the manual for you. The perfect drink makes the perfect moment more special. A pairing misstep may lead to a failed event which could lead to a failed day which could completely and totally ruin your ENTIRE HOLIDAY SEASON! 493 more words


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas has officially arrived at my house.  I am definitely not one of those “wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the tree” people.  When I lived across the country from my friends and family, I needed to do everything I could to make the place feel like home… so if putting my Christmas tree up as early as November 1 did that, so be it.   306 more words

Love, Family, And Friends

The post about Adult Mexican Hot Chocolate

Oh my goodness, guys! It has been a while… I would like to blame it on a busy work schedule, or all the time I’ve spent doing research for the blog, but there’s no good excuse for my recent neglect of Thirst! 505 more words