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Blu-ray Review: The River

directed by Jean Renoir, 1951

The iconography most commonly associated with Jean Renoir’s The River (1951) can be linked, in most cases, not only to the film’s startling use of color, location, and exotic capability, but also to the immense difficulty of its production in the late forties. 78 more words


Rumer Godden's Cromartie vs the God Shiva

Rumer Godden’s Cromartie vs the God Shiva is a miniature classic with an over-long title.  It is Godden’s last novel, written at age 89.

Based on a court case resolved in 1994 about a stolen 12th-century bronze statue of the god Shiva that turned up at the British Museum, it explores the issue of whether museums and dealers have a right to art treasures. 581 more words

Rumer Godden's The Lady and the Unicorn

Virago has reissued several of Rumer Godden’s books, and recently reissued her lyrical second novel, The Lady and the Unicorn. Have you ever heard of this book?  736 more words

'The Lady and The Unicorn' by Rumer Godden ****

Rumer Godden’s The Lady and The Unicorn, which was first published in 1937, is the 630th entry upon the Virago Modern Classics list.  As with… 760 more words

'The Battle of the Villa Fiorita' by Rumer Godden ****

First published in 1963, Rumer Godden’s The Battle of the Villa Fiorita is the 574th entry upon the Virago Modern Classics list. The introduction to the volume has been penned by Anita Desai, who writes that the novel is ‘a display of her ability to construct a plot, quicken the pace and build up to a dramatic end’. 647 more words

Happy Birthday To Me.... (or rather, an excuse for more books!)

Yes, more books have arrived and been loaded onto the shelves in the past two weeks. And since I do find it hard (believe me, I do) to justify this massive addition so soon after the even more… 459 more words

Diaries & Letters

'The River' by Rumer Godden ****

French film director Jean Renoir, who purchased the film rights to Rumer Godden’s The River soon after it was published in 1946, said: ‘ exactly the type of novel which would give me the best inspiration for my own work… an unexpressed, subtle, heartbreaking innocent love story including a little girl’.  672 more words