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How could a fool sit on such a throne?

Love brings the dead back to life.
Love transforms the King into a slave.

Love is the consummation of Gnosis.
How could a fool sit on such a throne?

– Mevlana Rumi rahimahu Llah –


Are you coming?

Love calls – everywhere and always.
We’re sky bound.
Are you coming?

― Rumi of Persia rahimahu Llah (1207-1273) –


I'll Come With Nothing

You prefer
The weak
The poor

You want less
I still bring more


Compel me to leave
My gifts at the door

I’ll come with nothing
You’ll call me Yours.

The wisdom of Rumi

Ghazal 2133

wake up, wake up
this night is gone
wake up

abandon abandon
even your dear self

there is an idiot
in our market place
selling a precious soul

if you doubt my word
get up this moment
and head for the market now

don't listen to trickery
don't listen to the witches
don't wash blood with blood

first turn yourself upside down
empty yourself like a cup of wine
then fill to the brim with the essence

a voice is descending
from the heavens
a healer is coming

if you desire healing
let yourself fall ill
let yourself fall ill

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All Things Rumi


When I die,
lay my corpse to rest,
but do not be at all surprised
if His kiss on my tattered lips
brings me back to life.


Sai Trinity

When Shirdi Baba arrived with a wedding party along with Chandhubhai to Shirdi for the first time, Mhalaspathi saw the fakir getting down from a cart and went to him and said: “Aayiye, Baba! 1,427 more words