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Mental Hygiene: How Dirty is your Mind? (Rejection, Failure, Obsession)

I have a confession to make. When I was a little girl, I hated brushing my teeth. I would often skip out on the bristles for even as long as a month. 1,227 more words


Untitled: February, 1987

I seem to think a lot these days

To cry and pain and pain and bleed

Then joy, bright champagne bubble mirth

Blows golden notes of dandelion seed… 14 more words


Ways to Combat Over-Thinking

We’ve all experienced the frustration of getting into bed, desperate for a good night’s sleep, to find that our brain has other ideas.

Over-thinking; it’s a term thrown around on Twitter and other social media so frequently that I thought I’d look into what we really mean by it, how it affects our health and ways to free ourselves from it. 784 more words


Can’t make up your mind? Indecision, rumination and depression.

By David Joel Miller.

Indecision, rumination and depression

If you can’t make up your mind it may be because you are depressed. Indecision is a common result of depression and certain types of rumination ramp this symptom up. 692 more words

Mental Health

Steve the Scienticianist: How Does Twitter Work?


How does Twitter Work?


Essentially it’s to do with the theory of Rumination which is again, very simple. As we all know, birds are very adept at communicating very fast through a rapid series of chirps (or tweets). 125 more words

Jez Chalmers

Opposite to Emotion Action: Change Your Mood

If your anxiety is anything like mine, it makes you want to be in control at all times. Thus, we plan our weekends a week or more in advance, renew our car registration a full month before it is due, and return library books early. 370 more words



Wonder, wonder, wonder
Gift The floodgates ponder
Memory caresses melody, or
Melody pries open memory vacuum
and undoes the merciless messages
of bug- bitten leftovers; 91 more words