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Rumination: Christianity in a secular World

The World is changing. We are often taught of the revolutionary effects of industrialisation and globalisation. Indeed, these are big steps taken by the human race in the quest of achieving improved productivity and quality of life. 917 more words


Rumination of the Day (2nd December 2016)


It’s the day after WAD, and as usual, I’m ruminating! For many years now I have been looking at how I now view HIV/AIDS – through the lense of objectivity. 899 more words

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Rumination of the Day (1st December 2016)


As much as our ineffective government is whinging, and despite that horrid & embarrassing Deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce, bleating on about the interruption to the “workings” of parliament, the protesters disrupting proceedings today, and drawing attention to the atrocious treatnent of those in our detention centres, and demanding the closing of same, it is – in fact – democracy in action! 6 more words

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Rumination of the Day (29 November 2016)


So, Fidel Castro kicked the bucket! I know there are those out there gnashing their teeth, weeping and wailing over his death but hey – it’s just another dictator gone! 404 more words

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Rumination of the Day (28 November 2016)


The World of Psychology would say this, wouldn’t they! I wonder if they ruminated on it…”When people ruminate, they over-think or obsess about situations or life events, such as work or relationships. 23 more words

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6 ways to battle OCD.

My mind is not my friend.

Actually, my mind is probably the most horrific enemy that I have ever faced.

In short, there is a lot wrong with my grey matter. 997 more words

Stephen, 22, Claremont, CA, USA

My OCD: ferocious lion turned lamb.

I experience OCD intrusive thoughts with violent, religious, and sexual themes. Many people commonly ask me: “Have you always had intrusive thoughts?” The answer is no, I did not.

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