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Letting Go of Rumination Part 2 - Lean on Your Higher Self

Hello, Dear Readers!

After taking some time to reflect on ways to transform Euphoric Gratitude, I took some time to reflect on the most viewed blog posts. 694 more words


What Needed To Be Said

Do you remember what you said to me the night you cleaned your first closet out?

I thought I remembered it clear as day but turns out its all a blur that I sometimes revisit behind closed eyelids and sometimes during bus rides and maybe before bed on the odd occasion. 857 more words

October 14, 2017

October 14, 2017: “The day began at 5:45. Coffee in cup, snuggled in my prayer chair, the theology search- and- rescue began. Can I rescue myself, even if it is with God’s Word? 205 more words

Micropoetry Month: Nov 2017: #13

Some ekphrastic poetry today.  Add to the thousand words the picture already says! Find an image that inspires you and write about it using any form of micropoetry.  107 more words


Past, stop ruining my present!

My whole life I have been a people pleaser, doing things to make other’s happy. Alot of the time, for family and good friends, it’s great and genuine and something I want to do, but other times I feel quite uncomfortable or reluctant, and like I’m only doing it to impress someone and make them happy. 393 more words


Happy because I decided

I have spent quite a few days trying to decide what would be the best German course to follow. Should I follow one in the West or the East side of Berlin? 340 more words