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“I think you know (because it’s old news) the people you love are hard to find.  So I think if I were in your shoes, I would be kind.”  – Keane… 580 more words

A Cure for Rumination

I just invented this. It must work! It has been so far. Every time you catch yourself ruminating or worrying, sing this song (preferably out loud): 87 more words


Rum... Rum.... Rumination!

Rumination… Rumi… Nation… Rum… Nation… Rum… Rum… Rum…. Rumination!

It aint finished.It aint fin… fin… fin… finished! That’s too big. Big. Big. Big! BIG! Rum-rum-rum. Rumination! 337 more words


All Of It

Early morning,
he’s roasting away the sleep
with sweet syrup, hot coffee;
roasting away the sleep from eyes
rather stuck shut to the
rest of the world, 91 more words


Down and Outpour.

Tepid is the rainfall,
Lukewarm as it neutrilised magnolia skin,
Which will receive it without consideration of temperature,
Unremarkable and average,
It coats the walls and floors and stairways, 37 more words


Him: Her:

Her smell.
and Her hands.
and Her teeth.
and Her feet.
Her red hat.
I’m not allowed into that world anymore. Nope.
Locked out, no key. 140 more words


What a Trip

Seventeen days ago, I moved from Denver to Phoenix. The move was a disaster and I am shell-shocked from it. Writing is the only way I can seem to process it. 538 more words