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Hello! (+ Benefits and Drawbacks of Overthinking)

It seems apt to kick start this blog with an explanation of myself and my worst enemy: overthinking. I am by no means someone who is “cured” of their overthinking, therefore I can’t really delve out information on how others can deal with their overthinking. 880 more words



I am writing this waiting for my bus to arrive so I can go home. It is 23 degrees or I think 71 in American temperature. 661 more words



We need room.

We need space to stretch.

We need time to consider.

Flashes of inspiration are well and good,

but reflection needs room for rumination.


No light at the end of the tunnel

There is this subtle trick,
That the master magician plays,
You think that the darkness,
Of the days gone by,
Is a thing of the past. 76 more words


Graduation thoughts - 4

And out in that afternoon sun, one of those seniors tells me, in a voice tinged not so much with sadness as with surprise, “I don’t know what to do now.”  I didn’t give her my little speech—I just told her to read and enjoy her summer.  41 more words

Graduation Thoughts

Graduation thoughts - 3

Now, I definitely thought of some of that stuff after that student left the room, but you get the idea.  And now he’s graduated and calls me Joe—and I don’t need to correct him anymore. 79 more words

Graduation Thoughts

Graduation thoughts - 2

Most of all, it’s written in the moments worth remembering.  Your laughter, your tears, the moments when you’re aware that you’re not alone—or that you… 53 more words

Graduation Thoughts