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Death does not become her.

According to some, with some including me, before we step foot cell into our mothers’ wombs, we make a contract with God that stipulates our begin and end dates on this side of the earth. 443 more words


And I have nowhere else to think about Agent Carter out loud

Wait, remember in Winter Soldier where Peggy says Steve’s wartime rescue operation included her future husband? I’m gonna need to hear more about your war record, Sousa. 171 more words

Media Studies

Bedtime Thoughts

Ruminating on my leafy, green salad I had with chicken.

Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews.

Yogurt with granola for breakfast tomorrow (pro-biotic dream come true.)


The Secret to Optimism

This world is filled with negativity.

There’s no doubt that having a more positive attitude is an advantage, but as humans, we are hardwired to favour negative thoughts and emotions more than the positive ones. 705 more words


Waist deep in a royal pool

At La Quinta Real (the royal manor), a Mexican resort hotel with a restorative view and not so restorative food, I was standing in a swimming pool with a Los Angeles portfolio manager (investment adviser). 753 more words

De La Philosophie Impure

I'm a monster

I’m a monster, and always gonna be a monster. In other countries people call me alien but the truth is that I’m a monster, and I’m always going to be a monster, my hands are monster’s hands, my life is a monster’s life, my teeth are monster’s teeth, why you laugh? 480 more words


Just another boy...

Fiddling with his belt straps,
He teetered nervously,
From anguish to sorrow to smiles to ecstasy,
His life stood precariously.

He got up, stronger than ever, 328 more words