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White. Hot. Shame.

When I started this blog a couple years ago, I told myself I was going to fill it with first drafts. Just write and publish, a little bit every day, until I could get comfortable with shitty first drafts being a thing. 4,827 more words


Walking to the beat

I went for a walk this morning, first time I’ve felt able to push myself to do something for a couple of weeks now.

It’s a bit muggy with a fine rain, very light, which is lovely to walk in. 444 more words

Mental Health

Battle with rumination

Ever had your brain whirring around and around, flicking from one negative thought to another? No matter how much you try to deflect your thoughts, something pops up in your brain and niggles away. 508 more words

Mental Health

The dreamer

I sit in this dark forest

Tall, imposing trees staring down at me

Still and composed

I enjoy my dark solitude

Everything here is mine… 100 more words

Safe playing

What do you choose –

The certainty of routine?

Or the lure of the unknown?

To and fro,

Back and forth,

To break free

Or to play it safe… 11 more words

HBR - Don’t Let Pressure Turn into Stress

Pressure and stress are not the same thing. But the former is converted into the latter when you add one ingredient: rumination, the tendency to keep thinking about past or future events in a negative way. 142 more words



Yesterday was one of those days. My mind was a web of cluttered thoughts as messy as my room, and although the right thing to do was to get to work at cleaning both up, I found myself reaching for my keys. 445 more words