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A Poem For My Dad

Hello readers!

We’ll be commemorating my father’s 15th death anniversary by tomorrow, September 21st. So, I crafted him a short poem. Hope he could read this from his resting place. 193 more words

Why rule-based making rules

When I learned that my first installation project, catchabreath, was selected by the curating panel of MadehereMn, I was over the moon. I danced and jumped around, called my parents back home, started texting a few friends… and then the panic hit me. 453 more words


How to stop overthinking.

By David Joel Miller.

Overthinking is harmful to your mental health.

People who do a lot of overthinking, sometimes called rumination, increase their anxiety and their sadness. 958 more words

Emotions And Feelings

My Anxious Brain

My anxious brain plagues me.
Sucking joy from life.
No words of logic can pacify
When it goes off tap and
Swings into panic mode. 99 more words

Poetry By Sarah

State of Grace

My Dear Friend,

I have not written to you in a long time. What to say, what to tell?

If anyone stumbling around in the world of Cyberspace ever happens to find this silly little blog, if there is one thing I could transmit across the 1s and 0s it would be this– 384 more words

In Which, Once Again, I Am the Ching Chong Chinaman

Open Scene: Community Picnic, Fall 2017

“Mama, mama, mama, mom, mom, mom…”

“Can I have more rice?”

“My hot chocolate is too hot. I burned my tongue, see?” 854 more words



Where do our decisions come from? They’re like a random sprinkle of rain on a hot summer day. How do we know if we’ve had collected the right data to act on a certain decision when in fact everything is infinite in our imaginations? 215 more words

Juansen Dizon