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Rumination: Peace

As much as peace is highly sought after by mankind, Ironically it is often humans that prevent peace from happening. If one was to do a quick scan of the world today, it will immediately show the various conflicts present. 596 more words


An Interior Look

The oft-seen saying is by now widely familiar, to wit, “Everybody you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, so be kind”, or words to that effect, and I often balk at using as a departure point any aphorisms so broadly disseminated in social media and other internet avenues. 1,402 more words

Reimagining Jul 'Mdama's Fate

As those of you who kept up with my Halo 5 postmortem articles know, this is a subject that I have rather a lot to say about. 5,341 more words


On the way to Enderby's castle

When I wake up,
I cannot tell what separates the days.
My dream is persistent
It bleeds in.

My world is self-enclosed.
I can see the end of the horizon. 31 more words

Poem from Work 

​How long will I have to stare at a beating clock. Endless time bleeding into itself.

A Healthy Perspective

You can live or you can think. You can be or you can do. These are vastly different states. Everyone spends time in both, with little kids starting off in the super healthy camp and then we slowly coax them away from that and into the world of thought. 615 more words

Ego, Consciousness, Thought

The Vibes

I recently performed my piece Eden in Ruin at an event called Conscious Relief. It is put on monthly by an organization on my campus called Random Acts of Poetry.

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