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How Not to Lose Your Shit in the Shower

Shower time. It’s probably where I do most of my thinking, or shall I say ruminating. From the moment I step in, to the moment I reach for my towel, the gears in my head are constantly turning and grinding away, thinking about anything and everything. 705 more words

Mementos or not, memories remain

I have always had a habit of collecting things. Theatre tickets, day passes, shopping or movie stubs, restaurant receipts, broken trinkets, old boxes, greeting cards, newspaper/magazine cuttings, all etc., you name it. 607 more words


insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - albert einstein

the voice of depression:

today i thought about dying, like most days… except today i thought it would really happen. i was driving to the grocery store and mindlessly going through the motions of what that involves; getting in my car, seatbelt, turning the key, putting on an oldies radio station because nostalgia is somewhat comforting, but also somewhat disturbing. 689 more words


And Lo,

the usual fate befalls The Blog. Abandonment (always “temporary”, rarely temporary). Diffidence (my old friend). Wistful remembrance (ah, those times I wrote! A thing I did!). 297 more words


I think one often thinks of death as an event.

But actually, I suppose, it is a process. All of the deaths I have known so far, I guess, have been rather sudden. 536 more words


In the Kitchen of Good and Evil: Midnight Tacos

Fancy meeting you here, in your bare feet with your hair tousled and your face slightly creased by sleep.  I thought I was the only one who responded to the siren call of the taco just after midnight.  403 more words

Life As It Stands



I was feeling sick most of the day today while running a low-grade fever. I don’t know why but it is a part and parcel of my life in its current manifestation. 487 more words