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I'm 28!

Since yesterday, I am a twenty eight year old woman. Aigoo..should I be feeling much older than I already do? I don’t feel anything different because I have been feeling 28 for quite sometime now. 309 more words



and suddenly the universe collapses into your eyes and you wonder not how it came to be but why

then you either find the revelation of your own inconsequence and know you are just random matter, trapped in a trick of consciousness, that will be destroyed just as it will be recreated in… 137 more words


My relationship with my dad - The Introduction

I have been feeling a little fidgety from the morning. So I thought I will try and write on something that I consider as a pretty real and heavy stuff in my life. 315 more words


Love & your self.

This is a subtle truth.
Whatever you love, you are. ~ Rumi

There is a very old adage. “You are what you eat”, But Rumi takes us to something which is much more deeper and dearer to who you are in your very own being. 458 more words



Came across this familiar but lost word on a podcast while trying to fall asleep. Meta-cognition means thinking about thinking. It is analysing, reflecting upon one’s own thinking – contents, habits, patterns etc. 428 more words


Pay no attention to...

Stories of interest/amusement/distress associated with the day’s news.

l/ President Trump — in person and through his aidess — has tried to downplay or deny news items about his alleged encounter with a porn star. 206 more words