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Anxiety: that little blighter of an emotion!


Everybody feels it. You would have to be a robot to not feel anxious. Everybody, depressed or not, at some point in their lives has experienced, or will experience the feeling of anxiety. 1,906 more words


Escaping the Narcissistic Mother

Yesterday was the first therapy session with Paul in almost two weeks. The last time we met, my rumination over family dynamics had reached saturation point and the narcissistic mother was at the helm. 474 more words



In a verbal rut,

His mental gears all gaumed up.

Repetitious chant.


Anxiety makes you sick in so many ways.

By David Joel Miller.

Lots of illness, is it anxiety telling you to be sick?

Many mental illnesses have very real physical symptoms. Those symptoms of… 1,062 more words

PTSD & Stress

Daily Quote: Donte Collins 

“Do you still perform autopsies on conversations you had lives ago?”


Magic cake - Raising heart chakra frequency

After recently making one of my magic raw vegan cakes and posting the recipe up on my vegan naturopathy site,¬†one of my friends said “Yes, but where is the information about the cake’s magic?!” She misses the chakra cake posts! 663 more words


Feeling Negative? Probiotics May Help!

Probiotics may reduce or prevent some types of depression. A study of 40 people over 4 weeks tested whether a multispecies probiotic reduced negativity in non-depressed individuals. 130 more words