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Y’know, amidst all of the discussions we’ve had about both the present and future of Halo, along with the announcement of Halo Wars 2, I’ve been taken with the desire to look back on the original game in the first of… 4,530 more words


Writing Myself To Wellness

My post today is a glimpse into my daily journal writing.  My writing helps me evaluate where I’m at, and it also gets me to slow down.   686 more words

Who Else Has A Problem With Rumination?

Thought of this in group today, thinking it would make a funny mental health t-shirt. It’s definitely my biggest problem.


Late Night Ruminations: The Limelight

What is our generation’s fascination with fame and spotlight? Why does it seem like the things we do will only feel worthwhile if they have been acknowledged by the masses, by our supporters and even haters? 581 more words

Thoughts & Opinions

Part II

I have scribbled little since May turned to June. But tonight I set out to jot one thought that promised to persist indefatigably in my gray matter until I gave it some release. 448 more words


First Post: On Writing

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

I begin with the name of Allah

I have found that I am happiest expressing myself with pen and paper. It allows me a fluid hold over my thoughts that I do not enjoy if I were writing through any other medium, like a keyboard, or even recording through my voice – yes, recording your voice also counts as a means of ‘writing’ because, according to  356 more words


Develop a Tolerance for Uncertainty and Ambiguity

In the absence of short-term rewards, uncertainty starts to creep in.

We start doubting our abilities and we start questioning our work.

As humans, we are very averse to uncertainty. 401 more words