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Anxiety's Mind Trap: Rumination

A mind trap, if left unchallenged, can take you down the drain of worry, despair, longing, and loneliness. A whirlpool of anxiety ridden emotions swimming in the mind. 201 more words

Mental Health

Have You Ever Touched A Bird?

Have you everĀ  touched a wild bird?

I have. Once.

It was the softest thing. I used to think kittens were the finest creatures, but how wrong I was! 256 more words


A Tribute To Letters

My best friend and I write letters to each other.

We met for the first time close to 8 years ago via a mutual pal and our friendship ran an interesting course alongside the rapidly changing social media trends of the twenty first century, with Gmail as our starting point, evolving through text messages on our emoji-free Nokia phones, Orkut, Facebook, Hangouts and finally Whatsapp. 648 more words


Module 2, Class 2: Rhythm, Rumination, and Habit Formation

Last class, the students introduced the relationship between rhythm and depression in part using Julia Kristeva’s Black Sun. This week, they introduced some psychological articles considering both biological andĀ social contributors to depression, looking particularly at rumination, and talked about emotional-regulation as treatment. 736 more words


I loved the way he held me, and the tenderness of his touch,

Failing to notice he was molding me into his own idea of perfection.


RumiNation: Comic Strips on Parenting

I’ve always loved drawing and sketching but I had stopped doing it after being told how bad I was at it in school. Starting this blogging journey has been very liberating, where I have realized that it is important to have fun and to just try my hand at doing all the things that I have ever dreamed of doing, and enjoy the process. 116 more words

Multicultural Parenting

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The life i have now is so vastly different from anything i have known that i have no idea what to do with myself.

I’m not used to not having multiple deadlines, conflicting commitments, overlapping schedules and a pace of life that drives me forward no matter what happens. 764 more words