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Between What Is and What Could Be

The vast expanse washes over you.

Dragging half a grave’s worth of soil behind your every step, of course you didn’t notice, how could you when others were working to blind you. 288 more words


The Seven Main Horror Tropes

The consistency in this blog isn’t quite there yet – especially for the movies reviews that I’ve written up to this point. This is fitting, though, in that the blog was designed to work toward a deeper understanding of the horror genre. 789 more words


NaNo Prep: Rumination

Ah yes, chewing and re-chewing so that the grass is easily digestible.

Wait, no. The other kind of rumination. Deep thinking for long periods of time. 311 more words



Tomorrow is the first day of school. I wonder what it will be like. Will everyone be nice? More importantly, will the teachers I get be nice? 1,026 more words

#inside A Person's Head

Don't Ruminate, Create!

I JUST finished a sketch book that I had since 2006. NO JOKE. My first page said

“Only Madhu can draw in this! (and her BFF -name omitted-)” 897 more words