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5 Ways Depression Has Taught Me To Be A Better Person

It’s really easy to list off all the ways that depression ruins your life. It is time for me to do a little self-reflection piece and list a handful of ways that depression has made me a better person. 532 more words


Eyelash in Gaza

Mews hazed Jardiniere, rowan dappled sunlit perch,
barefoot pads patchy lawn,

jasmin somehow here sprinkles clear air act must
to musk. Whatever happened

Monday seems an age ago, time is a mystery… 69 more words


A Tip for the Self-Critical Self

To an extent we’re all self-critical. On one hand, being self-critical helps us to reflect on and improve our faults, so to avoid future shortcomings or frustrations. 588 more words

Ruin and Decay

Who shall inherit this world after we leave it?

Surely not the meek, who will perish alongside the strong.

Perhaps the roaches and vermin,

will make a kingdom in our ruin? 60 more words

Back to Stuckness

It’s odd that I feel the most stuck, when I am actually not stuck at all.

I suppose it is the equivalent in physics, when we are aware of either the fixed position in time and space, or aware of the motion, but can’t know both at the same time. 121 more words


Read This If You're a Workaholic

So you’re a workaholic.

Or at least there’s some reason for you to think so.

You’ve been going through an intense phase of “all work and no play”. 604 more words


Beginning anything

It’s essentially about perspective. Thousands of thoughts occur within moments, and what I weigh them against is a need for energies to be directed to those ideas that will be successful, completed. 512 more words