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Once Upon A Time - Season 4, Episode 14 Recap: Maleficent The Utterly Magnificent

We begin today’s tale with a nightmare – Snow’s nightmare, to be exact – in which the big three try to take baby Neal, and Maleficent in particular is vowing to steal all the happiness from Snow and her family. 2,132 more words

Once Upon a Time - Darkness on the Edge of Town - Review (Spoilers)

“Once Upon a Time,” finally came back on Sunday. The second half to this season is going to be a battle between Rumple and the Queens of Darkness (“villains”) and the residents of Storybook (“heroes”). 1,167 more words


Once Upon A Time - Season 4, Episode 13 Recap: The Chick In The Shower Curtain Needs Some Pzazz

Ah, the great, squealing, dancing, unmitigated joy of a Once Upon A Time post-hiatus return episode!

Especially after the way we left: Rumple banished from town, Belle trying to walk back with this giant balls she grew swaying in the breeze, Emma doing shots with Regina when she should have been “celebrating” with Killian (and the quotation marks are a blatant reference to the fact that if a man kissed me like that, I’d have been feeling behind me for the doorknob to his room), and three new big baddies being courted by Rumple. 1,541 more words

Once Upon A Time Spoilers

We left Storybrooke with tons of suspense. Regina’s soul mate, Robin Hood, had to save his now-alive dead ex-wife from freezing to death (the evil ice queen sacrifice herself leaving no one to save Marian). 246 more words


Three Little Words

Hello there! Happy New Year! I’m back from a mini vacation from analyzing all things OUAT, which after 4×11 I needed it. Since its airing, there have been quite a few clues & spoilers that have been released to the general public, ranging from obvious to incredibly ambiguous. 613 more words


The Part Where I Introduce Myself

Well let’s start with the basics shall we?

I love to read and write. While other little girls wanted to be princess, I wanted to be the second coming of J.K. 246 more words

My Life