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Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 11 Recap: A Swan By Any Other Name

Hallelujah, the hiatus ends at last! And with the fate of our dear series hanging in the balance, we take on this second half not knowing where the hell we’re going, which is pretty much how this show has felt since about season three, so I’m game. 2,054 more words

Once Upon A Time Returns Tonight!

Once Upon a Time is finally returning from the midseason break! The last time we saw our heroes, Snow was under the effect of a sleeping curse placed on her and David’s collective heart, forcing them to be apart unless they can find a new way of breaking the curse. 221 more words


Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 10 Recap: A Brief Glimpse Of Might-Have-Been

Tonight we begin with Regina, Killian, and Emma (with sword in hand) heading for Regina’s vault, only to encounter the Evil Queen. She’s standing over Robin’s grave and goading Regina, who takes the bait and cues up a fireball. 2,033 more words

Once Upon a Time Recap: Changelings

I’m guessing this isn’t going to be as exciting as I want an episode called Changelings to be! This episode promises to be very Rumbelle heavy which is both good and bad. 526 more words


What has Rumple done? - Once Upon a Time - (Review)

Rumple has officially screwed everything up. In my opinion there is no hope left for this man. He has made some terrible decisions in the past but now he has made the worst one he could ever make. 739 more words

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Once Upon A Time 6x09 "The Changelings" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Episode Summary: In flashbacks, we learn about Rumple’s mother after he steals a baby and summons the Black Fairy. And in present day Storybrooke, Aladdin becomes the Genie, Emma finds a weapon from her visions, and Belle gives birth to her son then sends him away for a better life. 1,676 more words

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

With Snow and David unable to be conscious at the same time, this is really going to make planning things more difficult. The Evil Queen’s deliciously cruel plan is definitely something I can get behind to split the Charmings up! 434 more words