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The savior is gone and Dark Swan is here. - Once Upon a Time Premiere (Review) (Spoilers)

Once Upon a Time is back! At the end of last season Emma took in the darkness of The Dark One. This season we get to watch as Emma attempts to fight this new force that lives inside of her. 1,591 more words


Villainous Connections

Let’s jump straight into this. Because Emma Swan is the new Dark One, she inherits a whole new set of “allies” and enemies. It comes with the job; 623 more words

Theory Thursday

16 1/2 Awesomely Adorable Moments From Once Upon A Time

Good God, do I miss my show. Hiatus is torture. Torture.

But at least I have so many warm, fuzzy memories to keep me warm until the new season starts and they begin tearing my heart out all over again. 581 more words

10 Great Dad Moments From Once Upon A Time

This show is all about family, isn’t it? They always find each other, they always have each other’s backs, and even when they’re evil, they still love each other. 342 more words

Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Morning Breath Does Not Stand In The Face Of True Love's Kiss

We open our new season with a song that quickly wormed it’s way into my brain and took root and now will be forever associated with this show: 1,607 more words

So Lisa Tagged Me... Kinda...

Lisa at The Meaning of Me tagged me to reveal seven things about myself as a writer.

1. I never considered writing before my partner went missing. 411 more words

Season Four Finale of 'Once Upon a Time' Unveils a New Savior, Dark One, and Quests

Caution: This review contains spoilers on the season 4 finale.

“Once Upon a Time” delivered a spectacular finale last night with “Operation Mongoose.” It wasn’t a perfect chapter, but it featured plenty of action, character development, and chilling twists to satisfy fans across the board. 984 more words

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