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Once Upon A Time - Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Sleeveless Charming, Hidden Dragon

Tonight we begin in the loft apartment, and Emma and Regina are chewing the scenery looking for a way to defeat the Evil Queen. Snow writes Charming a note and prepares to wake him, but first she gets a feeling crawling up her spine that says the queen is watching. 2,068 more words

"If Someone Believes in You You're Never Alone" - Once Upon a Time

The theme of this episode was true love and the power that love can wield. This is a common theme in this show and one we have explored a number of different ways throughout the seasons. 790 more words

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Fandom Panel: Once Upon a Time 6x06

Caro and I, along with a couple guest writers, Kristin and Marina  (Welcome ladies!), weighed in on episode 6×06 of Once Upon a Time!  2,030 more words

Once Upon A Time

Beast ~ Creative Writing

Will you love me?

When my voice screams and yells?

Can you be with me?

Through the darkness that I feel?

During the unending night – where I am drowned by grief, where my hands are stained with blood, where my heart cannot stop pounding. 128 more words

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Once Upon A Time – Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: First Meetings, Faith & Axe-Swinging Fairies

Tonight we begin with Snow and David sleeping peacefully in bed, only to have Snow suddenly awaken in the forest as the guest of the Evil Queen. 2,390 more words

Once Upon A Time - Season 6, Episode 5 Recap: Secrets & Saviors

Tonight we begin in Agrabah “Many Years Ago,” where we see Jafar, deliciously evil, turning beggars and thieves into rats as Aladdin works the crowd, picking their pockets. 2,267 more words

Happy 5th Anniversary @OnceABC via @stacyamiller85 @AdamHorowitzLA #OUAT #OnceUponaTime

Five years ago today on October 23, 2011, ABC premiered a new television series that changed everything we knew about fairy tales. That series was… 262 more words

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