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Rumpled Debt

Straw into gold was gig Rumple played
Spinning day and night results did amaze
Could solve money problems; yes, it was so
Demanded fair exchange for pile of dough… 307 more words


Rumplespacekin part 3

Hello people! and I’m back with the third part of Rumplespacekin for you!

Here it is!

Rumplespacekin part 3

I stared at the even bigger pile of moon rocks and gawked. 469 more words


Top 5 Episodes of #OUAT - Season 2

5. The Doctor – Hook and Emma meet

This is the episode where Emma and Hook meet for the first time. Their first few meetings consist of fighting, and in this episode, Emma ties Hook to a tree and holds a knife to his throat. 698 more words

Jennifer Morrison

The Curse by Rosie

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There was once a miller and he had a beautiful daughter with hair like gold, lips like a rose, eyes like the brilliant blue sky, and skin as soft and pale as snow. 1,700 more words

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Rumplespacekin part 1

Hullo peoples! So in my last post I said that this was coming, and it has. Brace yourself.

I have rumplespacekin part 1. >:)

Rumpelspacekin part 1… 568 more words


Top 5 Episodes of #OUAT - Season 1

Top 5 Episodes of Season 1
1. Pilot

The pilot starts with a great opening, showing Emma Swan as very capable of taking care of herself, walking to ‘Howlin’ For You’ by the Black Keys. 454 more words