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Thankful Things Thursday: My Stomach Won't Bring Me Down

I had exceptionally high hopes for this glorious Thursday. It didn’t matter if the sun was shining or if my hard-earned vacation tan had already faded: This day was going to be great. 1,362 more words


Thankful Things Thursday: Turks & Caicos Bound!

That’s right. At this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane headed to sunny (it had better be sunny there, or I will be so pissed), tropical Turks & Caicos. 1,363 more words


The Lessons I Learned In 2011

It’s safe to say I learned more in the past 12 months than I did during any year in middle school, high school or college. Sorry, Mom and Dad. 2,958 more words


Q & A

You know what phrase kind of skeeves me out? “Burning questions.” I don’t know why. I just think it’s a little gross. I have a friend who shudders whenever she hears the phrase “reared its ugly head.” Brianne, I hope you’re not reading today. 1,254 more words


I Heart Sweat Shirts For Sale!

Guess what’s in these boxes?!

When I was raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation through the Run For The Rabbit campaign, I knew that if I wanted to be the competition’s top fundraiser, I’d either need some super rich friends and contacts, or just one really good idea. 547 more words

Run For The Rabbit

The Reason I'm Running The Las Vegas Half

I leave for Las Vegas in four days.

I’ve been excited about this trip for a long time. Not only will I be running the Las Vegas Half Marathon on Sunday evening (attempting to PR β€” have I mentioned that?), I’ll also be out there with my nice friend Brian β€” it’s his half marathon debut β€” and we’ll be celebrating his birthday. 1,052 more words


Why I Run

First: Today is 11/1/11. I love that. I’m really excited to make a wish at 11:11 am. Also, Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit! Say it and you’ve got good luck for the entire month. 889 more words