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Gonna Try It-Not On A Diet (456)

As it were-

To be in the mood, to run out for a quick hamburger.



what my beading collection taught me about sharing

I was going through my beading collection the other day. Rows of pink glass beads took me back to days of beading bracelets and necklaces, by myself, with my sister, with my friends. 305 more words

Living With Character

Mankading - A dichotomy of Morals and Ethics?

Cricket is a gentleman’s game, they say. And, when we talk about a gentleman, our minds form an image of a chivalrous man with a composed mind who would be an epitome of politeness and propriety. 1,086 more words


To Mankad or not to Mankad, that is the question

When Keemo Paul ran out Richard Ngarava in the final over, with the under-19 Zimbabwe side requiring three runs with a wicket in hand, he re-sparked a debate about the run-out law that allows a bowler to break the stumps if he or she finds the… 634 more words



You’re a dangerous man;

You make me run out

Of words, and I kinda need them-

I’m trying to make a living and all.


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New Trial DENIED – Extreme Sentence Shows Serial Rapist Cop’s Blue Privilege has Run Out

Source: The Free Thought Project, by Jay Syrmopoulos

Oklahoma City, OK – A disgraced former Oklahoma City police officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was sentenced to 263 years… 291 more words

Pure Evil