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Eight-Man Triple Option Football: Running Triple Pass Titan to Destroy 2nd and 3rd Level Run Support

In eight-man Triple Option Football, the 2nd level is put in position to where they have to play the dive, keep, pitch, and the pass.  This is an impossible task. 419 more words

Passing Game

Complete Guide to the Playside A-Back's Blocking Assignment on Triple Option

On Triple Option, the Playside Receiver is responsible for the Deep Defender, which is the defender who drops over the top of the Receiver when the Receiver sprints off the ball. 78 more words

Triple Option Football Academy

Teaching the Count System to Identify the Read, Pitch, Run Support, and the Deep Defender on Triple Option

When identifying the players for whom the Quarterback, Playside A, and Playside Receiver are responsible to cancel, utilize the following:

#1 (Read Key)- Defender touching the Tackle.   78 more words

Triple Option Football Academy