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I'll Quit Tomorrow - Chicago Marathon Edition

I’m quitting Chicago.

I’m planning to quit Chicago.

I will most likely quit Chicago.

Chance of quitting Chicago… 61%……51%?

Arghhh… I can’t stop running my marathon plan! 621 more words

Races - The Ultimate Motivator

Half Marathon Training Challenge Introduction

Note: This Challenge utilizes various workouts from Beachbody on Demand, and is supplemented with Shakeology.

My home town hosts an annual half marathon in October, and I plan on doing it for the first time this year. 135 more words

It's Official - Southampton Half Marathon

So today I decided to take the leap and officially sign up for the Southampton Half Marathon. I’m nervous but also excited and looking forward to beating my existing personal best time. 227 more words


Sunny Sun Day

🌞Happy Sunny Sun Day!!🌞

Hope you’ve all had an amazing weekend! This weekend was pretty 💪🏽fitness oriented for us over here. We were either working out or watching the re-runs of Game Of Thrones, which we have one episode left I think and we’re ready for the new season!!  334 more words


Ankle strength and stability

If your ankles do not have the same range of motion or strength – will that affect your body?

Maybe there is no pain – but if you do not move and stabilise the same on each side you will compensate at your knee or at your hip or at your lower back in order to produce the action.   247 more words

2017 Summer Run Training Program (Baby Boot Camp Running Program)

Okay, this is totally going to sound like bragging. But please bear with me, because there’s an actual point to it. Quick side bar and honest admission…I am a Baby Boot Camp Fitness instructor, which you know if you have read my bio. 1,223 more words


Why You Should Run the 0.1 or 0.2

“You don’t have to go the extra mile, only part of it”

I’m fresh off pacing my very first 10k event, part of the annual Minneapolis Get in Gear race series. 628 more words