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Hill running vs. fartlek – which is better for time-poor triathletes?

I only have limited time to train and something has to give! When it comes to running, I sometimes have to choose between doing a hill session or a speed/fartlek session each week rather than both. 687 more words


Race Recap: Goodlife Toronto Half Marathon, 5/3/2015

I love this race – I’ve done the half four times (three years in a row, now!) and the full marathon once. It’s well organized, and you have the benefit of a net downhill course but also with a few hills thrown in here and there for run. 521 more words


Run Strong Girl Run

I completed run number six on Thursday and now I have a couple of days off. Literally a couple, but it is amazing how far away Sunday can seem. 573 more words


Yonge Street 10k 2015 Race Recap

I guess it’s finally time to write a quick update on this race. It took me months to write my Ironman update, and this one is only a few weeks behind, so perhaps my timing is improving? 693 more words


Miwok 100k Training

There’s a lot that goes into racing an ultra distance race. Training takes time, money, and social sacrifices. If you’re not a paid professional runner married or dating another professional runner, then all those things I mentioned are a strain to the person running and to those close to them. 599 more words



In March Millie Pup officially marked her first anniversary as a House. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday that she looked like this and was small enough to tuck under my arm… 611 more words


Does Trampoline Jumping Count As Cross Training?

Hmmm… long run or Sky Zone?? Long run?… orrrrrr Sky Zone?… which one is more sensible for someone on the eve of serious marathon training season? 461 more words

Training - Miles And Miles Of Negative Thoughts