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An Introduction to Cognitive Training for Triathletes

About eight years ago, one of Krista Austin’s athletes started singing to herself on long runs. Maybe it was just to alleviate the boredom, but Austin spotted a more useful potential. 669 more words


A Half in 45 Days? Maybe even a sub 2? Am I crazy?

So yesterday I threw the idea out there that I need some more goals.  I even tossed the possibility out there of maybe doing a Half Marathon.   553 more words


#juneathon 2015 day 30: job done

I may have completely failed with the blogging half of the Juneathon contract, I did succeed in the exercising half.
Today, just as many of the days this month, was a compromise. 103 more words


#juneathon 2015 day 23: paying for it

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had a couple of beers. That’s a literal couple (i.e. 2) not “a couple or six” in the usual beer context. 98 more words


#juneathon 2015 day 22: priorities

I fell off the wagon today. In more ways than one – but fortunately not in runstreak terms.

We had a rare night without children. The Daughter is in southern Spain and The Son is sleeping out in the open on a cardboard bed to get an idea of what sleeping rough might be like and to raise money for local charity, … 121 more words


#juneathon 2015 day 21: good intentions

I had planned to do a nice late afternoon/early evening 8 or 9 miles. And it was a really nice afternoon too. However, the day ran away from me again, so I didn’t get out until past 9pm… 32 more words


#juneathon 2015 day 20: the late, late show

I didn’t get to parkrun this morning and didn’t find much time during the day.
So it ended up being another late one, but it was a decent run. 21 more words