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Happy Lord's Day

   Confused.  Tired.  I don’t think I make any sense.  Thought going to church to hang out with my birth family would make me feel better, but it did not.   760 more words


Evie Amber Castle is Dead


Did you think I was dead? Well, I’m not. It’s Evie here. Remember me? Your daughter and sister, the one who skipped town when she was fourteen and you haven’t heard from since. 350 more words


GC Busan Wins APEX Season 4 To Complete Removal of the Korean ‘Old Guard’

As GC Busan lifted the OGN APEX trophy, it also complete the change of guard from the old to new in the Korean Overwatch scene. With both Lunatic-Hai and Cloud9KongDoo shifting focus to the Overwatch League, it is up to GC Busan to fill in their shoes as the new giants in the thriving APEX circuit. 2,005 more words


10/21/17: Grand Finals, Runaway vs. GC Busan

Finally, the day we’d all been waiting for arrived. Could Runaway gain the title that had slipped from their grasp in Season 2? Could Busan be the first to complete the Royal Road? 2,568 more words


Bit by Travel Bug

I should be doing my job right now. Meaning, writing down high school recommendation letters for my 400 +- middle schoolers. Yes, it’s a little over an hour past my supposed timeout from work but I really do not have the intention to go home yet. 227 more words

Special: APEX Season 4 Finals Preview

The APEX Season 4 Finals start in only a few hours, and I for one could not be more excited. We’ve got two new kings of Korea, ready to duke it out for the trophy, and I don’t think anyone has any real idea how this one is going to turn out. 2,065 more words


9/22/17: Runaway vs. GC Busan [Flashback]

I didn’t have a chance to write this match up when it was first played, but considering it’s now become a preview of the APEX Season 4 Finals, there’s no time like the present! 1,878 more words