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My favorite rune

Evenin’, witchy folk.

So as I’ve mentioned before, I devoted a lot of time previously into memorizing runes.

And to be honest I totally forgot most of them. 158 more words



Take all the carrion and disease around you and make something out of it. Build something beautiful out of something that appears ugly. The way will be uncertain and challenging. 26 more words


Rune Divination Practise

The divination practise continues, today’s rune┬ábeing O – Othila – “inherited land”. Walking the dogs with my wife, they split and went separate ways; I followed one as she stayed with the other pair. 499 more words


New Perspectives

This is a time of growth and building healthy new practices. Guard it closely and joyously. You’re doing the work and seeing it begin to pay off. 55 more words


Special FX-ish make up

This is my attempt at a Shadowhunters rune from The Mortal Instruments series. I just used lip balm as a base to get the shape and so the black would stick better. 30 more words

Make Up

Q&A: Using Psychic Abilities

Q: I think I have psychic abilities. Could you do a yes or no reading to give insight in to how to use them?

A: There is so much to say here, I’m not sure where to start! 721 more words



My “why do I bother?” day turned into a “why do I bother?” three days, but it changes nothing, so it’s a waste of time. I spent time taking hold of peace and centeredness again instead; I feel better for it. 728 more words

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