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Manchester, United 😢

Somehow, today, these
Little ditties of mine seem
Highly unfitting.



Daily Runes!

Progress, and the strength to keep pushing forward and to have joy in it. I have the mystery of another challenge. I am doing pretty good though, all things considered, I have woken again at five in the morning, yeah, I spent more time browsing the internet instead of trying to wake up. 68 more words

Day To Day

Daily Runes

We have completion, new beginnings, and growth. It seems that with new beginnings I am able to move forward, and complete things. I got up today (as it is now day three that I woke up on the time that I wanted to) and I am now getting lots of stuff done, and I don’t have to be to work till a bit later than yesterday (three extra hours!). 63 more words

Day To Day

Rune Post:

Breakthrough, that is one of the main words in this. New beginnings. A turnaround. The flow of things is going in the direction that I need it too, and I have what I need to be happy. 104 more words

Day To Day

Casting Spells

I’m relatively new to writing my own spells. I’ve been making charm pouches or doing small scale candle rituals for years, but as far as spells with multiple components done with the works (as in casting a circle and doing them at my altar) I’ve stuck to ones written by more experienced witches. 614 more words


All about Runes and how to make your own by Jana Brunclikova

In the essence of creating some more spiritual content, I have this lovely guest post by Jana of The Secret Kitchen.
Jana is an amazing friend, naturopath, herbalist, photographer and raw + whole foodie extraordinaire. 5,864 more words


Fortune breathed into my ear, mouthed a simple ode

I’ve been thinking of you. Like to know what I’ve been thinking?

Instant blush, hairline to collarbone. Hi, Alec. I wouldn’t have looked at my phone at all, not with Mark sitting right there across from me, but it doesn’t ring. 1,834 more words