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Castle Ghost -- A writer's power short for #Halloween #MondayBlogs

The Castle Ghost-by Barb Taub.

The Releaser’s chalk scraped the stone floors as she etched the complex runes. While mist solidified into a ghostly man clutching a sheaf of papers, she poured salt to complete the binding circle and intoned the formal Release. 170 more words


*Varian Facepalms*

Note to self:

These are actually different runes.

(A huge thank you to Beth, who commented that the rune that’s stalking me isn’t Gebo, but is actually Nauthiz.   69 more words


Gothic Spearheads

Simle thai Gutans inwitun managa guda, jah thana sunnan jah thana menan in thaim himinam.

At one time the Goths worshipped many gods, and the sun and the moon in the heavens.

966 more words

I'm Being Stalked By Gebo

Edit: it’s actually not Gebo that’s stalking me, but Nauthiz.  At first glance the runes looked almost alike to me, so I mistook one for the other. 215 more words


Your Witches Rune for October 14th is Harvest

Today’s Witches Rune


Meaning: This is a very positive rune, related to abundance, rewards, growth and benefits. But it’s important to not mistake this rune for mere luck… while luck may help, the Harvest rune is usually related to the blessings that you have brought to yourself and to others, through your actions and investments. 273 more words

Daily Posts

The next phase is coming...

It is growing ever closer… the next phase in the evolution of works from myself is near.  Scheduled for publication around 31st October 2016, my next work is a focused guide for the seeker of the runes.   86 more words

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