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Alphabets and Divination: Norse Runes

My sense of the Runes is that they tell a complete story of the Wyrd of the Well. My goal as a diviner is to uncover this story, and find meaning in it. 419 more words

The esoteric Armanen Futhork

FA: Today I strengthen my initiative.

UR: Today I strengthen my perception of causes.

THORN:Today I strengthen my ability to project.

OS: Today I strengthen my capability to bring things into manifestation. 152 more words


Rune #18: Tiwaz

Forget the ‘V’ and gimme a ‘T’ for victory, which is what Tiwaz signifies. I am wishing ultra marathon swimmer Amy Gubser a victory in her attempt to complete a 28-mile swim across the entire Santa Monica bay. 296 more words

Runic Om-ing

On my facebook page, which you should totally follow, I recently shared an incredible article about the physical historical proof of runic magick. The article is pretty dry, but utterly fascinating for magickal history nerds like me. 773 more words


Rune #15

 Phoneme: Z. Meaning: protection from enemies, defense of that which one loves.

Here is a story about stories: ‘Z’ is for Zorro, a legendary character who defended those he loved. 174 more words