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Sources Cited - Credit where Credit is due.

Now that we’ve come through the first eight runes of each runic system. I’d like to take care of some housekeeping chores. I’d like to cite the sources from which the runic posts draw on. 254 more words


Mouth To Mouth

Woke up this morning,
Massive cat’s maw in my face—
Call me Pinocchio.


Everyday Poems

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Rune Reading for June 30th

Casting The Stones, Your Past, Present & Future Rune Reading for Today

The Past

Tiwaz is the Warrior Rune. It represents pure, masculine power and the ability to successfully fight to meet your goals. 81 more words

Daily Posts

Your Rune for Tuesday, June 30 is Kenaz

Your Rune For Today

Kenaz foretells the coming of clarity and knowledge. It is time for you to grow by exchanging knowledge with others. Opportunities are upon you. 315 more words

Daily Posts


Elder Futhark: Wunjo

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc: Wynn

Younger Futhark: ***

Armanen Futhork: ***

***- There are no separate rune forms for the Wunjo rune in the Younger and the Armanen systems because these rune rows had shorten the number of runes to preserve the ideographic nature of the runes as their language was changing. 1,051 more words


crosses and sheep and (dead) languages, oh my!

The Isle of Man has a huge collection of stone crosses. 

The stone crosses don’t always look like crosses.

The crosses date from the early Celtic christian period through the Norse period and into the high medieval period. 316 more words

The Witches Rune for Monday, June 29th is The Sun

The Witches Rune for Today

The Sun

Keywords: Success, progress.

Meanings: The Sun is a rune of success and positive outcome. For a straightforward yes/no question it can be read as “yes”. 24 more words

Daily Posts