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Cleromancy Rune Reading- A Positive New Friend

Runes are a form of Cleromancy divination that have been around since Norse times. The runes are an alphabet that is ancient and well known amongst many diviners. 756 more words


Un-Witchy (part 1)

There were two of them sitting across from me. Neither one was aware of the war going on inside my head: “Do it, say yes, – no don’t , say no.” 468 more words


Guidebook for GaldraKraft Performance

Please follow the link below to download a PDF that will be used in the upcoming workshop/ performance for Peace, Prosperity and Healing

GK Perf PPH guide book… 51 more words


Loki’s Stone and a Handy Kind of Divination Tool

The Snaptun Stone, also known and called Loki’s Sone, is a hearth stone, from around 1000 CE. It was found in 1950 near to Snaptun in Denmark. 113 more words


"But I can't read tally marks!" - Fun with Ogham

As a warning, this blog post will veer slightly from my usual style, focusing more on personal experience rather than sights or folklore.  I’ll return to talking about those things on Tuesday, but for this extra weekend update, I’d like to talk about an ancient alphabet, Ogham. 853 more words