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RunDisney Rundown

I’m just one day away from attempting my first back-to-back racing experience: the Dumbo Double Dare. This is my second time running a RunDisney race, which is shocking given that I’m a Disneyland nut. 401 more words


Positive Things Happen to Positive People

A lot of the time I will get the question: “Why do you like to run so much?” or looks of  “you’re crazy!”

The funny thing is I’ve been asking myself ‘Why the heck had I stopped?’ There isn’t a moment that goes by where I wish I had never stopped lacing my Mizuno trainers and hitting the trails or roads for a good 8 or 15 mile run. 977 more words


Runners high or inner huntress?

So I came across this article that I thought was super interesting. It’s outlining a study done on what causes the “runner’s high” so many people experience. 69 more words


Half Marathon Training (Day 22 of 80)

This morning my half marathon training schedule required that I complete a 40 minute tempo run. I knew that I could run about 5 miles in 40 minutes so that was my goal, which I came pretty close to doing. 194 more words

500 Miles for SMA: The Finale Part 1

August 16 I arrived in San Francisco to Join my pal Joe as his support crew so he could run from The Walt Disney Family Museum to the Gates of Disneyland. 521 more words


Here's What You've Missed

I’ve been slacking on writing, but not (entirely) on running/training, so here’s what you’ve missed this past week:

· I did four trail/city runs 3-5 miles. 305 more words


Lace 'em Up for God

Perhaps it was tying her new shoes before our shopping trip. Perhaps it is our shared love of writing. Perhaps it was the recent third grade retreat that delved into Ephesians 6:10ff. 591 more words

The Growing Robe