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Book Review.. Finding Gobi

I have two adorable pugs, but that is not why I bought this book 😊.

The story about a little stray dog latching on to a runner during a gruelling 155-mile ultra marathon run in the Gobi Desert piqued my curiosity. 263 more words


Week: 6

Week 6:
I tried really hard to focus and get back in to it but I just couldn’t. at on epoint this week I worked a 13hrs and the thought of running made me want to pass out. 338 more words

Snow, Ice and an April Half Marathon

When I signed up for the El Dorado half marathon, I was anticipating warmer temps and a good start to my running season. Boy, was I wrong! 205 more words


Who Am I?

My students would tell you that I am their 8th Grade English teacher and that I love to read. If you catch them in a talkative moment, they might add that I’m a little bit nerdy, that I wear glasses, and that I talk about my dog frequently. 250 more words


Life. Running My First (2nd) 5K!

I started running in March as a way to release stress and hopefully become stronger and shed some pounds.  It’s been painful and rewarding all at the same time.   1,949 more words

South Downs Marathon 2018

Saturday 16th June 2018 I ran my second ever Full Marathon race. First ever trail marathon. Training run for Race to the Stones (never did I think I’d be running a Marathon for training). 1,237 more words

Share Your Running Accomplishments

I would like to hear from my fellow runners!

There is a time to consider your failings and there is a time to celebrate your accomplishments. 139 more words