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Meet Kathryn

Starting up with Rachel’s Runners in the very first year of our Learn to Run program and proving to herself that with the right support and a lot of determination she can do anything, here’s Kathryn… 363 more words


Olympic Silver Medalist Feyisa Lilesa Didn't Return to Ethiopia After Act of Protest

Ethiopian marathon runner Feyisa Lilesa, who made headlines at the 2016 Rio Olympics on Sunday for an act of protest while crossing the finish line, … 219 more words

Fit Check 8-23-16

Week 1 of my half-marathon training. The whole time I was imagining the days I ran 3+ miles with ease. Nowadays not so much. Surprisingly, I’m more fit than when I began training for my 1st half 2 years ago. 6 more words

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Fit Check 8-20-16

Just completed a mid-day brisk walk in this heat. I’m still trying to get my mind ready to start this half-marathon training on Tuesday. Crazy thing is that the completion of any type of long-distance running is all in your mind.

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Fit Check 8-15-16

It’s 90 degrees out here. I haven’t been active for almost 2 months, so today was my 1st day back. I start training for a half-marathon next week, so I figured it’s time I get my mind right.

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My First Marathon Journey

I’ve been slacking on my blogging. I’ve actually been working on this one for about a week now- a little bit at a time! I haven’t blogged about any of marathon training so one big blog post will have to suffice! 1,446 more words

Cool Runnings - W14D2

19 Days and counting till my first half marathon. The Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Half Marathon. I have been feeling better and better after each run, and dare I say it, looking forward to the next run. 381 more words