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Mona Lisa seen running the 2015 London Marathon

This must have been a very difficult costume to run in during the 2015 London Marathon. Copyright Junagarh Media, http://www.junagarhmedia.co.uk


Borgess 5K Results

Drank most of the day yesterday, walked 4 miles, played 1.5 hours of soccer, stayed up to watch the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight, drank half a bottle of wine more, up at 0611, at the race site by 0740, packet pickup, one last poop (that’s right), and 0825 start. 25 more words

Let's Get Physical

Wine and running (um, OK) ...

Tomorrow one of my friends and I will be going to a wine fun run. I honestly have no idea how running and wine go together, but since I like the effects of both, I am totally up for the challenge, HA! 16 more words


Bonkity bonk bonk bonk

Remember a few weeks ago when I was all excited about my Spring races? What a roller-coaster it’s been. I bonked my half marathon, I did surprisingly great at Crazy Legs 8k, and today I bonked a 20k race. 631 more words

Reflections on Marathon Training (Day 55 of 83)

Today I joined the good folks of NARAL Minnesota, a pro-choice group, for the Fight for Your Rights 5K at the Como Lake in St. Paul. 311 more words


Accountability is a big deal in my life, in many ways, and running is no exception.

Heres my story: it started with my dad. He bought me my first pair of running shoes…and man running shoes are expensive! 451 more words

Beginner Runner

Day 7, 8 & 9: Another Day, Another Run!

Wednesday’s Mileage: 5.76
Yesterday’s Mileage: 0
Today’s Mileage: 8.53
Total Mileage: 29.53
Remaining Mileage: 1,985.47

I am starting to feel like maybe I am getting my run back. 331 more words

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