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Just when it was all going swimmingly

Darling daughter stuck a great big stick in the spokes of my marathon training plan this week. With a long steady run planned for Thursday morning on my way to work I had to leave a little earlier than is usually the case because the pace was overall slower than that of the threshold type session I usually fit in at this time. 623 more words


El Nino is the woooorst: Recapping HITS Naples and Clearwater Halfathon

Over the past 31 days, I’ve raced three times. During the first two races, I asked myself “why on earth am I paying money to do this?” During the third race, that question was answered with a resolute “because this is fucking awesome, that’s why.” 2,378 more words


February 1-7 Recap

When I sat down to write this post I was thinking that I must have missed a week of blogging. So much was crammed into last week that it felt like last Monday was a really, really long time ago. 968 more words


Let's Run All the Races!

Two races this week?

Sure! Why not?

Reggie and I suffered through the traffic-fest and cold that was the Hot Chocolate Dallas 5k.

We did great and had a blast once we actually got there. 218 more words

Made You Look

Running spitting etiquette

On Sunday Stephen and I were doing our usual morning run. We were stopped at a light when an old British woman approached us and said, “Young lady, do you think we appreciate you spitting on our pavement? 321 more words


18 Mile Old West Trails Free, Fun, ‘Preview’ Run

Friday afternoon, I got the okay from my wife the boss to attend the February 6th; 18 Mile Old West Trails Free, Fun, ‘Preview’ Run. This was the 3rd in a series of training runs for the… 1,507 more words

We Run. We Eat.

I know it sounds crazy, but I spent all week looking forward to my long run Saturday. Eight miles was on the schedule. I am getting ready for the A2A half marathon March 20. 533 more words