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Mission of the day: STHLM marathon

It is that kind of day today, Stockholm Marathon day. To complete 42 195 meters of running is my and 20 000 others mission of the day. 372 more words


HOD - 5-29-15 - Week 10 Days 4 & 5 - Run and Yoga

Week 10 Days 4 & 5 – Run and Yoga

Today’s workout comprises of a 2-mile run in 12:00 minutes or at pace (if slower). Also, throw in a yoga routine for recovery. 71 more words


Happy Friday!

No rain on my ride to work, got my IRB submissions in on time, glorious research brainstorming with my fellow Imaging Gals, a nice dose of general lab hilarity, and got to wear jeans to work. 89 more words


Step goal achieved on May 30, 2015

I travelled 13.4951205759 kilometres, burned 1447.12 calories, and was active for 1h 39m.
– via IFTTT.


Humbling and Forgettable Long Run - RunLog 5-29-15

It’s been one of those days – the weather was pretty gorgeous all day, mostly dry, a nice breeze and in the high 70’s…you know one of those mythical top 10 days you dream about for sitting out on a deck. 692 more words

Harold L. Shaw

Weekend of Races

Although Laura and I are miles apart and even have an ocean in the between us, we managed to sign up for races for the same weekend without even knowing it.  250 more words


Running Through Jimmy Buffett!!!

So I had to do my longish run on an odd day this weekend because I had to clear my sched for the most favoritest day of the year…the annual Jimmy Buffett Concert Tailgate!!!! 176 more words