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Breca Gower Swimrun 2018

Do you remember that bit in Alien 3, when Ripley is trapped against the wall of her ship, cringing away from the dripping jaws of the shiny, petrifying alien? 1,989 more words


Week In Review - Florida Fun!

I’ve enjoyed a full week of Florida fun – sunshine, running and food…as well as a visit to the playground of a certain mouse! Here’s the lowdown: 1,584 more words


Here’s Why Hill Repeats Are Important For Runners

Runners have a love/hate relationship with hills. And while sometimes it’s an obstacle just to get motivated to lace up, adding hill repeats into regular running schedules is worth that uphill climb. 622 more words


Digging my way back to me: Antelope Canyon 50 Miler

Now that we have finally figured out what is wrong with me and I’ve started the right regime to fix all the broken things I’ve actually begun to feel normal again.  311 more words


Sedate lady running 09-15 July 2018 #amrunning #running

My husband and I both had the week off this week – it didn’t really affect my running’n’yoga routines as I was able to keep to those as usual (we didn’t go anywhere, but had a rest from work and got stuff done around the house, gently and slowly). 1,587 more words


Run When Ya Don't Wanna

I’m going to share some sage advice, Modern Philosophers, and I’d like you to ignore the poor grammar…

Run when ya don’t wanna.

Three days this week, I woke up early from my air conditioned induced slumber, to run before work. 619 more words


A Hilly Run

I have certainly mentioned the mountain in my area before. I mean, it’s not really a mountain, but try walking up it.  Definitely feels like a mountain. 253 more words