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St. Anthony's Triathlon- Race Report

Tap, tap, tap…Is this thing on?

Oh, hey, it’s Steph. Remember me? Sorry for the radio silence folks. Life/work just got busy, and when you sit all day staring at a computer, it’s difficult to want to spend even more time in front of the screen to write up a post. 2,102 more words


Training: Finally Feeling Good

Long time no talk right?

I haven’t posted as much on Fridays lately but I thought with a race this weekend, I thought I would update on my foot and personal life. 519 more words



Last night Adam and I went to see The End of Longing, written and starring Matthew Perry. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend going to watch it, but it was fun and we had a laugh.  599 more words


I'll think of a title later...

In an almost pathetic attempt at keeping this blog alive*, I have provided it with the most meager of sustenance!  And by that I mean have updated my Milestone widget (look to your right→) with the date of my next race! 222 more words

Boing….. In which spring has sprung.

Daffodils are blooming, and the weather has (until today) been taking a turn for the better. It’s almost time for the open water venues to open. 1,091 more words


My London Marathon 2016. 

After months of training and 6 weeks of worrying that I’d done to much (I’d done a marathon, half marathon & 15 mile cross country race in that time), on the 24th April I stood on the start line of the London Marathon for the 2nd time. 505 more words