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Saturday, June 24

I finally went to the gastroenterologist, who is doing several tests on me (including drawing 5 vials of blood and scheduling 2 types of breath tests). 157 more words


Not so healthy!

Did day 3 of week 2 C25k today. A day late, oops, bad planning yesterday, should have got up early instead of thinking ‘plenty of time later’. 151 more words


Surprises in the box

Many of you ask me what is in the Runnerbox and what is the big deal with it. Well I just received my June/July box and I can give you more insight on it! 242 more words


Ledger Building, Canary Wharf, London

I was running, so I passed four lads in suits and was at the bar in the Ledger Building well before them.  The waitress (I won’t insult bartenders by calling her one) looked past me and asked what these jackoffs wanted.   130 more words

Public Houses

Zugspitz Ultratrail - My Personal Summary

I love to run. It’s that simple. But lately I’ve been losing some of my passion, running (especially the road runs with a running group) felt like a chore and more often I caught myself running my usual routes without mindfully experiencing the nature around me. 572 more words

Nature And Wildlife

London A to Z Runs : Q

Q is for the Quays, now overrun with large banking towers but this deal could be Queered by the Brexit-imposed Quarantine of international finance and the exodus of bankers to one of the European centres. 494 more words

Public Houses

A tale of a flying ship, a green rock and a light house

I started the day by pebbling along the beach.

Tried to not get distracted by flying ships.

Got distracted by overgrown rocks,

to end up enjoying the view of Dalkey Island and the little lighthouse.

What’s your story today?