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5 Strategies to Become a Faster Runner

You’re a very committed runner. You never skip a workout, you fuel properly and even rest when all you wanted was to log some miles. But, even so, you never seem to improve your race times. 553 more words


Track Workout Tuesday

Track workouts are more fun than you think. If you have the right frame of mind. For me, track workouts that are under my own control feel much more pleasant that the fear and nausea inducing workouts that I did in high school. 397 more words


4 Essential Strength Training Exercises for Runners

All runners share a common goal: to be better runners. It doesn’t matter if you started Ease Into 5K last week or if you already have a few races under your belt; you want to become faster, more efficient and more injury resistant. 701 more words


Consistency brings Speedier Times

It seems like lately, I’m getting my running speed back. Honestly, it feels amazing to get out and see myself finishing my runs so quickly. I started running in the morning back in August (as a trial) and September (for real) because my new job made it really hard to find the energy I needed to get my training runs in after work. 447 more words

Running Workouts

Feeling KOOL - Running? Not so fast!

A new study shows that running faster is just as harmful to your health as sitting around and doing nothing.  The study from the American College of Cardiology says that running faster than seven miles per hour more than three times a week could put you at risk for heart failure.  68 more words


Airia One Running Shoe Review

Disclosure: I was provided this product from Airia for the product review; however, all opinions are my own.

I was recently contacted by Airia, the designers of the… 928 more words

Product Review

Practice Running Faster Paces

No doubt I am having fun with my running right now. I have big dreams but it is going to take time to get to where I need to be…biggest lesson I’ve learnt so far is that THE JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY. 791 more words