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run that damn three

with no trace of glee
and with a bummed knee
and through bee-buzzy trees.

run it
………..{those three damn miles}
in the muggy sticky style of pseudo-monsoon… 93 more words

running late

until 5:45,
and the sun
had already woken
and spoken
and scorched the edges
of the fray. ran 2.24 any
-way, sweating and fretting… 35 more words

run two {and change}

your headspace to
a c c o m o d a t e
a paler blue.

pace yourself, and trace
that filament of sky to… 15 more words

If you could have dinner with an author...

I’m borrowing from Angela at Books and Opinions again (thanks, Angela!).

Usually I dislike this kind of question – “if you could have dinner with any person, living or dead, who would it be?” – I’ve never had a good answer. 211 more words

Book Reviews

The Melodious Voice of Grant Gustin

Grant touched my soul on the latest episode of The Flash – Duet.

I don’t like to watch musical tv shows, but I loved this change on The Flash. 53 more words