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Why RUNNING HOME'S Nicholas is a Helluva Lot Like Robert Downey Jr.

TODAY’S BREW: I’d like to mix the new St. Ives Coconut and Coffee face scrub with milk and drink/chew it, but today it’s just Folgers. 718 more words

Julie Hutchings

Book Review: A Life More Complicated by Lizzie Steel

One of the first e-books I ever received free in exchange for a review was Running Home by Lizzie Steel. It was so fantastic that over a year later I looked up Ms. 574 more words

Book Reviews

REVIEW YOU! Julie's Opinions on Criticism

TODAY’S BREW: All of it.

By Julie


It is legitimately autumn. I was able to wear sweatpants as I drank my coffee on the porch this morning. 815 more words


My Vampire Book is on the Loose, People!

TODAY’S BREW: Folger’s! FOLGER’S HAS GONE GOURMET AND IT IS SO GOOD. It ain’t just your grandmother’s coffee now.

By Julie

It’s strange having a new blog, getting to know all new readers when I feel like HERE I AM, REMEMBER ME? 559 more words


run that damn three

with no trace of glee
and with a bummed knee
and through bee-buzzy trees.

run it
………..{those three damn miles}
in the muggy sticky style of pseudo-monsoon… 93 more words

running late

until 5:45,
and the sun
had already woken
and spoken
and scorched the edges
of the fray. ran 2.24 any
-way, sweating and fretting… 35 more words

run two {and change}

your headspace to
a c c o m o d a t e
a paler blue.

pace yourself, and trace
that filament of sky to… 15 more words