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POP ETC - Running In Circles

I am just loving POP ETC at the moment. Following a collaboration with Yoko Kanno, the artist has released the single “Running In Circles” recently, showcasing a track that could be mistaken for something on the cusp of the eighties and nineties. 72 more words



“Running in circles, chasing our tails, coming back as we are”-The Scientist,Coldplay

He spun around in her head

Leaving her stumbling

Looking for balance…

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POP ETC-Running In Circles

Running around in crazy circles…..Life.

Guess I should recognize that all things move on. By now, you would think I would have learned a thing or two, but I am finding that my learning curve is constantly growing and changing. 392 more words


Running in Circles

I go for a jog every time I feel like running away from all the negative vibes I’m digging up. What I really like about it is how my psyche embraces the stillness of the mind; As well as the idea of a race and the luscious feeling of being ahead of anyone when you look back. 191 more words