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Over and over again

She turns over and she catches sight of him.
A face imbued with joy, changes into horror.
He pushes a knife to a heart, he is turning and turning it slowly and he says – Forgive me. 50 more words


The Mythological Pastry

The days roll over each other like buttery layers of a croissant, congealed into weeks and months, together like flaking goodness of sweet and fat fused just perfectly imperfect by the blazing oven of creation. 918 more words

Running In Circles

Wednesday's Training PT II: Always have a Plan B

**PT II (a continuation of Wednesdays Training PT I: The Socratic Method)**

My phone rings. I look over. Its my father calling.  I was expecting this call. 1,201 more words

Running In Circles

Wednesday's Training PT I: The Socratic Method

I know what happens to me when I stop running. I know all too well. Depression. I don’t feel like doing anything. The thought of doing anything even slightly causes anxiety. 2,624 more words

Running In Circles

running in circles

An endless circle of interrogation – repetitive thoughts chase each other in my mind. To do or not do? To hate or not hate? To trust a few or not trust at all? 22 more words


Wednesday: We Run On

I walked into Starbucks and ran into my friend lindsey. Last time I saw her was at Starbucks. We saw each other and smiled that wide goofy smile of irony, connecting at a coffee shop packed full of people minding their own exclusive digital business. 1,321 more words

Running In Circles

Saturday: A little Dense on the Running

I sunk into sleep just past midnight after enduring the last attempts at cohesively writing about Barhma and spirituality. Sleep took me quickly. My alarm rang out in what felt like only moments after. 2,272 more words

Running In Circles