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A Day in the Patient Life of Tyler

2016 was a year of me confronting what I want which ultimately brought me to the realization that I don’t really know what that is. And so with 2017 arriving I’m accepting that fact as gracefully as I know how, so I can take the next steps towards greater awareness, scraping off the layers of denying my own heart its true desires and begin exploring the world of risk-taking. 1,494 more words

Running In Circles

Life is a Game: The Practice of Non-attachment.

There are many attitudes on life we can adapt that will ultimately dictate how we go about living our individual lives. These attitudes are essentially what we choose to focus on in the perception of our experiences. 2,083 more words

Running In Circles

duck, experimental, 2danimation, circling, running in circles, in circles Gif For Fun

duck, experimental, 2danimation, circling, running in circles, in circles Gif for Fun at your Time


FWOL or something like it

I have been opening a new, fresh sheet of paper (blog post), then closing it again, to open it the next day yet again. I have not been writing much lately, and though I really want to, I find it incredibly hard. 413 more words

Song & Verse: Running in Circles by United Pursuit

I’m so forgetful
But You always remind me
You’re only One who brings me peace.

Thank You for Your Peace, Father.
Thank You for remembering Your purpose and plans for me. 136 more words

Spirit Harvest

How to Waste Time...

…without really trying.

After we ate dinner yesterday afternoon, The Squire and I started on our Christmas cards. We always try to get this job out of the way as soon after Thanksgiving as possible, because we always have an Open House on Advent III. 265 more words

To Vote or not to Vote, that is the question... I could care less about.

Folks, brace yourself for strong consequences, regardless of the presidential outcome. Be prepared for suffering and struggle to emerge even for the privileged. It is time. 667 more words

Running In Circles