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A Brief Encounter

In the Olympic National Forest, I awoke at dawn before my campmates to sneak in a run along the Hoh River. Cool air lay heavy and damp and thick upon the forest. 327 more words

Running In Circles

My Writing Process

My writing process is an overwhelming storm of ideas and ambitions. In my pre-writing, I try to figure out what’s on my mind and what I want to say. 423 more words

The Pack and the Past

I’ve been tying to grapple with the changes that have occurred all through my life while simultaneously trying to catch up with all the changes that occurred during the billions of years that came before me. 830 more words

Running In Circles

Review: Running in Circles

Running in Circles by Lauren Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oy vey

Not for the faint of heart. Running in circles is a highly entertaining, thrilling, and disturbing tale about a small town monster. 145 more words


Vague Questions

I’m tired from this endless search for passion
I’m running in loops without direction
I keep whining – I’m a broken record
How can my mind and heart reach an accord? 69 more words


Running in Circles

I’m sitting on a bench at the park across the street from my house trying something new with the writing. I just finished a short run and want to capture the words that always come when I am running but never seem to hit paper. 1,139 more words

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