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How to Waste Time...

…without really trying.

After we ate dinner yesterday afternoon, The Squire and I started on our Christmas cards. We always try to get this job out of the way as soon after Thanksgiving as possible, because we always have an Open House on Advent III. 265 more words

To Vote or not to Vote, that is the question... I could care less about.

Folks, brace yourself for strong consequences, regardless of the presidential outcome. Be prepared for suffering and struggle to emerge even for the privileged. It is time. 667 more words

Running In Circles


Abstraction is a type of art that deals more with ideas rather than clear images. Most abstract animations contain geometric shapes that move to create a sense of flow. 398 more words

Survey Of Animation

Autumn Decisions

As the first day of fall officially hit us this week, I am in a bit of shock. Everything is still green and the afternoons are downright hot. 682 more words


Running from Love

We’re walking down a dark path, a dirt graveled road. The Milkyway stretches across our sky and a steady stream of people are along the same path, lights shining on those riding bicycles. 3,243 more words

Running In Circles

Lingering Undercurrents

Suddenly, optimistically, I plow through spinning thoughts and clench the excitement permeating through my hot skin and jump down off the ledge of the front steps of my house down to where you stand next to the flowering gardenia bush. 421 more words

Running In Circles

359. Vertigo

“This circle of existence keeps going ’round and ’round,

And I’m tired of this spinning,” she said with a frown.

“It’s hard to keep my feet steady and faced to where I’m going, 183 more words