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Vague Questions

I’m tired from this endless search for passion
I’m running in loops without direction
I keep whining – I’m a broken record
How can my mind and heart reach an accord? 69 more words


Running in Circles

I’m sitting on a bench at the park across the street from my house trying something new with the writing. I just finished a short run and want to capture the words that always come when I am running but never seem to hit paper. 1,139 more words

Archive Posts

#1627 - Wound Up

The Wee Baby Donovan (now the Wee Toddler Donovan) has energy to spare, even at bedtime.  He will seriously just run around in circles squealing at a frequency only dogs can hear for ten, fifteen minutes straight.   20 more words

Sketch A Day

New Music Tuesday: Over Andover

I’m a day late but still bringing you guys new music! This week’s featured artist is another local band, known as Over Andover. Centered in Linthicum, MD, these 5 guys came together to form a band back in high school. 375 more words


Running in Circles

By Jill Lord

Running in Circles? Not in God’s View.

My husband and I managed to escape for a few days on a cruise recently. Thankfully this ship had a decent running track on an upper level, so I wasn’t confined to a tread mill nor a tiny little track. 588 more words

A Day in the Patient Life of Tyler

2016 was a year of me confronting what I want which ultimately brought me to the realization that I don’t really know what that is. And so with 2017 arriving I’m accepting that fact as gracefully as I know how, so I can take the next steps towards greater awareness, scraping off the layers of denying my own heart its true desires and begin exploring the world of risk-taking. 1,494 more words

Running In Circles