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Preseli Beast - What I done learned

Ok so in the aftermath of the Preseli Beast last weekend I promised to follow up on a few of the thoughts I had.  This might not be as interesting as I’ve used up all my photos of the day (well mostly) but will act as a useful reminder next time I’m running this event or similar so bear with me. 1,337 more words


I'm working with a nutritionist!?

I’ll try and keep this short and sweet (famous last words!) but this is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while but I won’t lie, I have found it quite difficult to write. 1,231 more words


Running Stores

Sports retailing in India was always a multisport business for the few. Olympic sports was the only one that came to mind in Bangalore with a few stuffy stores across the city. 702 more words

Pre Marathon Training Assessment

It’s still just February but never too early to plan for the fall marathons. And my favorite kind of run plans are the vague, far far away ones. 590 more words

Marathon Training


A superfood is something that is nutritionally dense. Many are plant based, but things like salmon also have made the list. What does it really mean to be a superfood? 479 more words


Camping, running, eating: the one ingredient you really need (+easy recipe)

Fact: running makes you hungry. Sweating up the spiky hills of Mt Buller National Park, we’ve already had a few pit stops to refuel. Inhaling Clif Bar after… 1,131 more words


Performance Benefits of Beetroot (Updated)

There are few legal ergogenic aids for athletes. Beets, or more appropriately foods high in nitrates can give a big boost for athletes. There is an extensive list of research touting the benefits of nitric oxide for athletes and I just finished reading a few of some of the newer studies. 962 more words