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More Marathon Fuel


Tuesday was a quick 3 miles. Gillian looked veritably disappointed at such a short distance, but I put my foot down: this is the taper. 275 more words

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Motivation: Gillian's View


Well I knew I would never be Paula Radcliffe but one can always dream. The creaking knees are giving me some gyp this week and at mile eleven on Sunday Hazel offered, rather churlishly I might add, to stop the run when apparently my face stopped smiling and turned into a grimace. 360 more words

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The Elephant In The Room

Last year when Narayan remarked that his biggest hurdle at the marathon coming later that month was the experience of  loss of strength beginning around the 33rd km, it sounded like the familiar story of the dreaded wall. 1,515 more words



April is here. No going back now. Our final three weeks of training. This is our last weekend of heavy mileage before the big day. 126 more words

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Injury and energy bar update!

Figured I hadn’t posted in a while so here is progress of lack of.  Still getting a small amount of pain in the ankle. Feels like 2 steps forward literally and 1 back. 533 more words


Diamond in the Rough

So it’s been some time (about a month) since my last post, and that’s certainly not for lack of cooking, creating, and experimenting.  Unfortunately, as these things go, the last few recipes I’ve tried just weren’t blog-worthy (I did eat all of them of course).   412 more words

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Gels - Fuel or Fool?

As I’ve not been able to run I’ve at least been able to read about running and do a little research.  I’ve been eatily pretty healthily lately, plant based and non processed but it occurred to me that the energy gels and bars I use while on long runs are maybe not all they seem.  608 more words