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Epic Bar review: Epic Bars are Epically Bad

Last week I was browsing one of those really stupid Runners World listsicles about, I don’t know, maybe Great New Products To Revolutionize Your Running or 15 Must Have Fathers Day Gifts or Buy This Now or Die.  1,030 more words


Top 3 nutrition issues for endurance athletes

As summer heats up so do recreational and competitive sports such as running, triathlon and cycling. What are the top challenges facing athletes during endurance training and competition? 855 more words

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The A.I.S Truth About Carbo Loading.

As distance runners, some of us undervalue the importance of carbs when it comes to training  and the days leading up to competition. The article featured below by the Australian Institute of Sport,  highlights how to carbo load leading up to a competition, the importance of carbo loading, how carbo loading may effect women and the common mistakes made when it comes to carbo loading . 939 more words


My take on nutrition and diet

So before I give you my take on diet and nutrition I’ll start with a disclaimer. Although I’m studying for a physiology degree and have a general interest in healthy living I have no qualifications in nutrition… 668 more words


Never Take A Black Dog Running In The Heat

The Adventures of The Sweaty Girl and Her Pup: Part 1

Run started happy. All smiles here.

Pup needed shade and rest at mile 1…bad sign. 209 more words


Race Day Nutrition (Part Four) – Marc Laithwaite

So last week (part three HERE) we discussed carbohydrate absorption and the role of insulin, this week, we are going to look at how to take foods on board whilst competing, to avoid stomach problems and maximise performance. 1,408 more words

Six Counter-intuitive Strategies that Allow You to PR in an Ultra

Ultra Marathons are the only races where the tortoise beats the hare.  It’s hard not to be super competitive during the race and sabotage your performance (I’m 2 for 2 in doing that in some way during an ultra).   469 more words