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Race Day Nutrition (Part Four) – Marc Laithwaite

So last week (part three HERE) we discussed carbohydrate absorption and the role of insulin, this week, we are going to look at how to take foods on board whilst competing, to avoid stomach problems and maximise performance. 1,408 more words

Six Counter-intuitive Strategies that Allow You to PR in an Ultra

Ultra Marathons are the only races where the tortoise beats the hare.  It’s hard not to be super competitive during the race and sabotage your performance (I’m 2 for 2 in doing that in some way during an ultra).   469 more words


My Ultra Marathon Fueling Plan

So…take all this with a grain of salt. Everyone’s stomach is different, so what I do won’t work for everyone, but I thought that I’d write a post about how I plan on fueling during my first 50-mile ultra. 633 more words


When is low in Carbs a "No No" for the Endurance athlete

When is a diet lower in carbohydrates not a smart strategy for the endurance athlete?

And when is lower in carbohydrates during training season NOT recommended for the athlete aiming for weight and body fat reduction? 1,410 more words

Sports Nutrition

Week 1/12: Where's My Mojo?

Hey!  It’s finally time to pick a race to train towards and set a time goal.  You know, get back into the whole swing of speed training, more workouts, and double digit miles every week?   1,088 more words

Cross Training

Vegan and Gluten Free Banana Pancakes

I have long been a lover of Vega products.  My husband and I both use the Vega One Shakes in our recovery routines after running, swimming, or cycling, and I’ll add some of their… 226 more words


Goal Trackers

Okay, so I’m a nerd. Although I’m running like crazy, I can’t stop eating out of a garbage can. I needed something to track my goals. 54 more words