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Running faster and its impact in your personal relationships

No, even when the title of the post looks like I am to start writing about love, no I won’t.
Like most other runners, I also have a friend with who I run sometimes. 294 more words


Miracles happen every day.

Last night a miracle happened. Now it’s a very small miracle and one that is only important to Sadie and myself, but it’s important none the less! 372 more words

Stick With Your Buddy

When we were young, our teachers and parents often invoked “the buddy-system” when we entered an unknown situation. Whether we were going on a field trip or simply crossing the street, it was common knowledge that things would go more smoothly and be safer if we stuck together and stayed with our buddies. 358 more words

Bye-Bye Sideline

“We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it,
Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it.”
Empire of the Sun, “Walking on a Dream”

273 more words
Do It For David

Fantastic is....

…A date with your running partner that you don’t get to see as much anymore! Why don’t I get to see her as much anymore? BECAUSE SHE IS HAVING A BABY!!!!! 788 more words


When the gods of running (and volleyball) smile upon you

Last week, the gods of running smiled down upon me.  Most of you are probably already laughing, since you already know that the gods of running rarely smile on me.   1,091 more words

Do you like to run or workout alone or with a friend?

I found this posted in a running group on Facebook and wanted to share. I have friends who run, but my main running partner, Dena Stolp, is suffering from a a stress fracture in her hip which has sidelined her for the next couple months. 205 more words

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