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2016 Tacoma City Marathon

Sunny, hot, and slow would be how I would sum up this race for me. This year was the 10th anniversary of the Tacoma City Marathon, and my 10th time running it, making me one of the few remaining legacy runners (those who have run the marathon every year).   1,378 more words


29&30 Weeks: Hulu and Treadmill

On week 30, I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  This was a huge disappointment since moderate exercise is said to reduce the chances of getting GD while pregnant. 471 more words

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Running and Racing with Baby on Board

First and foremost I’m so sorry for all of the lies I’ve told for the last four months, especially about running! There were my excuses for slow speed work, slow races, being cagey about future races, mileage, tiredness etc etc! 2,430 more words

The Pregnancy Files #3 by Mel Guild

I can hardly believe that another month has passed – this pregnancy is actually going pretty quickly compared to my first (I guess running around after a toddler helps with that!) This month has been about as busy as the last but much more enjoyable and less stressful and I have actually managed to fit more runs in than I thought would be possible. 1,084 more words


Since I've Been Gone: Part Two

Like I said in Part One of this blog post, the last six months were a whirlwind of celebrations and new beginnings. But I left out one big thing: my husband and I are expecting a baby girl in March! 608 more words

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Is it Safe to Run While Pregnant?

This a question that we have been trying to figure out. The answer is that it depends on your physical ability, pregnancy and how your body responds. 538 more words

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How I Ran Before I Became Pregnant

Where I started
I am not a “beginner” runner that has a history of sports or track in their high school years.  Sometimes I hear about these “beginners” that had ran when they were in high school and has a higher VO2 max capacity than me on day one.   415 more words

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