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And the results are...

Pretty much what I expected. 22 minutes flat, which was 7:06/mile, or almost 40 sec/mile slower than my recent best.

The good news:


Unauthorized 5k Plan for Old(ish) folks, Key Workout 1: Circuit Intervals

Running Science is big on strength training: whole body to start, then moving to more running specific and explosive drills. Strength is always a good thing, but drills like this are great for an old(ish) runner like myself because they combat the tendency to lose muscle with age and also help prevent injuries (like the one I’m recovering from now, hopefully). 557 more words


The Unauthorized Running Science 5k Plan for Old(ish) Folks

I’ve been reading Running Science, by Owen Anderson, and am freshly inspired. The book is pretty technical at points, digging into the biological processes of lactate conversion, for example, but I appreciate that. 92 more words