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Tuesday February 3 - Day 479 - Running Science Shop Run

After discovering a new group run on Facebook the other day I decided to saddle up and take part in it this morning.

It was the… 561 more words


Cracking the Code on Sweat Rates

If you have been doing triathlons for any amount of time, I suspect you do a good job of sweating. Additionally, I’m sure you know that if you want to successfully complete longer training sessions and races you must avoid or delay dehydration caused by fluid losses from the body. 596 more words


Arm Swing and Running Economy

What you do with your arms affects how much energy you consume.

Around the time I started running, I happened to be reading James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, in which Mike Flynn, running coach to “some of the best runners of modern times,” instructs young Stephen to run with “his head high lifted, his knees well lifted and his hands held straight down by his sides.” I tried it; it was comically hard, and looked something like this. 585 more words


Foot Fetish

As a triathlete, going to work every day is a real inconvenience and I’ve often complained about how consuming my work is.  However, recently I have had a change of heart. 423 more words


Running Music: Suggestions and Science

With JVK and I both training for long distance races, we have been talking a lot about running music. Sometimes I like to run without music, especially when I’m running somewhere peaceful or when I’m running with my dog (so I can talk to her like a weirdo and listen to make sure she isn’t panting too hard), but when I’m running in the city I like to run with my headphones in for some background music. 611 more words


19.2 mile aka My Odyssey

So I keep seeing the commercial with Ryan Hall goes out on a run and brings his phone and listens to The Odyssey on the kindle app or whatever it is.  1,042 more words


New Running Technique Science

Short description of my discovery
Discovered the first science that anyone can run with, so naturally everyone runs using it. Their problem is they don’t know that only gravity can make you walk run and sprint. 86 more words