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You've read the stupid blog... Now wear the stupid T-shirt

Hello lovely blog-reading people. I haven’t been posting much over the last few weeks, which has largely been due to a touch of the old writer’s block, but also because I’ve been tinkering with a little project. 291 more words

Friday Five - Fall Preview

Oh, I can’t wait for FALL!!  The cooler temps, the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees, and that wonderful fall smell in the air.  485 more words


I Think I Have An Obsession With Running Clothes...

Hey guys!  I feel like I never post anymore – but it’s not my fault!  The internet at our bunkhouse is pretty terrible and every night when I try to write a blog post I can’t ever get on  :(  I’m changing my blog writing schedule to fit the times when no one else is online so that I can hopefully get back on track!   870 more words

'Thumbs Up' for Wordless Wednesday

I’m going to be wordless for the next few days, as it’s hubby’s 70th birthday tomorrow, and our daughter is flying down from Johannesburg this evening to help her dad celebrate this important milestone. 118 more words

Create your own racing experience!!

Many of us runners like to wear fun, sweet, sarcastic quotes on our shirts when we run. Especially when we are running a race! Those shirts come in handy when I am tired and have a lot left to go! 477 more words


Gone soft. Again.

Earlier this year, just before I didn’t do the North Carolina Half Marathon, I wrote about how my running plan had gone slightly awry, and that I was planning on starting from scratch. 130 more words


Getting shirty

I’ve noticed that humorous running shirts have been growing in popularity recently. I haven’t really, that was a lie, but I needed a line to introduce my blog post about running shirts. 242 more words