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Thermal Cooking Experiment

Yesterday, I shared my solar cooking experiment with you.  I forgot to mention that when we removed the food from the cooker, it was 120 degrees.  687 more words


Solar Cooking Experiment

I have a friend who is a solar cooking expert.  I have been wanting to try solar cooking since we’ve been friends (which has been years).  541 more words


National Preparedness Month

It strikes as funny that we are going into National Preparedness Month right in the middle of one of the largest disasters in America.  It’s quite amazing timing.   259 more words

Running The Household

DIY Beeswax Wrap

Like many of my DIY’s this is more conceptual than tutorial.  Beeswax wrap is becoming a popular alternative to plastic wrap.  However, it’s horribly expensive.  I get that it’s reusable but the idea that you can pay $5 a piece (or more) it’s not that enticing. 765 more words

Running The Household

Preparing for a nuclear attack?

I keep getting flashbacks to my childhood when the cold war was making it’s last lap and we were watching movies about the reality of nuclear attacks.   536 more words

Running The Household

Plastic Free Living: Eating Out Kit

I forgot to take a picture of our actual kit but it’s not a difficult kit to talk about.  I have everything in a soft backpack that easily hooks on the back of a chair so I can bring it into a restaurant. 366 more words


Plastic Free Living - The Shopping Kit

This is not a complete kit and not what you have to get but I thought I’d show you what I put together and talk about some ideas for shopping. 633 more words

Running The Household