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Learning about Albania

The results of the vote are in, and it was unanimous – all three of my readers want to hear about my summer in Albania rather than my adorable budgie or the wonders of… 1,141 more words

Observations And Musings

Reno. Week 3- We get by with a little help from our friends.

The alternative title to this post was “It’s electric, boogie woogie woogie!” because this week was allll about electric. But instead, I opted to highlight how lucky we are to have such great friends and family who help us with this big project. 1,883 more words

In All Circumstances

I want to be grateful for the things that often get overlooked, and to genuinely express my thankfulness.

Those are words from my last post… 1,083 more words


Running water and going to the bathroom

Why does the sound of running water make us have to pee? According to Mental Floss magazine – it’s the power of suggestion. Just like a dog can be trained to come running when he hears a bell – we’ve trained ourselves to associate the sound of flowing liquid with going to the bathroom.

Connie Sellecca