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Randomly accessed memory: hot water

This morning I had some technical difficulties in the shower. No matter how much I cranked the hot water or how low I turned the cold, I just couldn’t seem to get more than lukewarm water for my shower. 995 more words


Cabin in the Woods

Abundance Acres is pleased to announce the completion of our first cabin! This little log cabin is nestled in the forest a short walk from the fields. 95 more words

Ministry News

Relief and Calm

             What do we do when we are overwhelmed?  When we are feeling terrible but think we have no control?  Where do we turn?

             This morning I was shown a series of events, none of them could be described as good or enjoyable.   546 more words

Tones in Bones

The key to growing bones you see
Is about life and balance and harmony

I start with a blend of my favourite food
They put me in just the right kind of mood… 231 more words


Running Water

Our toilets and sinks are now getting installed. I’m certain the construction crew will be glad to no longer use the stinky Portable John, that stands forlornly, in our yard. 128 more words

Indian Grove

Running Water


“If obstacles arise in life, we need to be like running water. When running water comes to an obstacle in its path, it always finds a way around. 242 more words