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The Past Flow Like Running Water

What is the meaning of “the past flow like running water?”. I could only agree that one should not linger on the past because you can never change anything that had happened. 219 more words

Life Is A Journey

Waiting for Running Water (Excerpt from 'Contamination Nation') - Vice News Published on Dec 23, 2015

There are tens of thousands of Americans living without clean, running water on the Navajo Nation today. This is because decades of uranium mining have contaminated the majority of water sources on the reservation. 66 more words

Point Of Interest

The Procrastinating Cyclist

…and jogger.

Regular readers will surely remember my post a week ago where I got ready for my morning jog and stepped outside… and back in again when I decided a few spots of the wet stuff meant rain… but then after some pacing around the house I convinced myself to go out in “it” anyway… “it was only a few spots”. 459 more words


Water Woes

I am still sleeping on the couch, to make sure my Mother in law is comfortable and safe in our new home.  She has been sleeping well.  201 more words


A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words, and Yet...

A picture can inspire a million stories.

I took this picture yesterday, inspired by what others have done with water, that I can’t seem to do. 349 more words


Many of us have had a time or two when we’ve experienced the loss of water at home, and it’s not fun, nor is it ever convenient. 204 more words

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The Opinion of Water

Running water has no patience for corners and rounds them away.

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