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Vintage tap water, hardly found in the modern city.



Tears can be shed

Crying can overwhelm

Weeping can consume

Or wail and wallow

With a sunken chest all her misery swallow

Or if she breathes with the heave of a barge… 42 more words


We Have Water!!!!

We have running water in our house again.

The Rescue Rooter guys got the pipes in and the water working. They still have a few things to finish up tomorrow. 19 more words

Been Gif'n Again

This is becoming a favorite part of  my humorous, spirally blog.

Been shopping for gifs again.

What I’m going to do with all of them I still don’t know. 38 more words

The Plumbing Attack

When God saved me he had his work cut out. Yes, I am sure he already knew I needed a lot of work. Don’t we all need. 891 more words


Moving Water V2

This is just to prove that I am capable of being artsy-fartsy with a tap!

So now I am up to date with the photography assisgnments but 3 months behind on my writing course!

Photograph Your Year