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Run Oregon Tunes: Matt and Marilyn’s top tracks of May 2017

I went through a spell in late May where I wasn’t listening to much new music. I got stuck on a few podcasts and I started going through some old albums of mine. 431 more words

Run Oregon Tunes

Run Oregon Tunes: Matt and Marilyn's top tracks of April 2017

I typically only listen to music when I am racing, and enjoy my handful of podcasts during my daily runs. However, with April once again continuing the cycle of never ending rain, I spent a lot more time listening to tunes this month as a way to keep me motivated and running quicker than I would otherwise. 268 more words

Run Oregon Tunes

Run Oregon Tunes - Matt's top tracks of February 2017

After taking a few year’s off from really being a “music-nerd”, 2017 has really started bringing me back into listening once again. I am not 100% sure what forced me away from really being hardcore in the new music scene, though most likely it was my OCD forcing me to explore EVERY album that was released each week (which is super impossible, overwhelming, time-wasting, and downright unenjoyable). 186 more words

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