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As I get one year older its all about candles and bucket lists

As I approach another birthday, I am more than ever keenly aware of all the changes in me. Parts of my body seems to be embracing gravity and I seem to be fighting stiff achy joins with fatigue and a few grey hairs along with few more wrinkles. 569 more words


things i wish i had said, part 1

“When you retire from being a pro runner after 12 years, you will be surprised at what ends up being most valuable to you. Your medals will be in a box somewhere, and you’ll never look at them. 36 more words


Fasted Cardio / Not Eating Before Working Out

Today I went to the gym in a fasted state.
I did 45 minutes on the treadmill alternating between jogging and sprinting.
I then did increasing squats from 8kg – 15kg, between regular squats and sumo squats. 239 more words


Tuesday, November 21

I went out around 11 a.m. It was partly cloudy and 51°F, with a humidity of 43 percent, a dew point of 29°F, and winds S at 11 mph (wind chill of 47°F). 33 more words


KKC training, week 3 recap

On Nov. 3, 2017, I started training for the Krispy Kreme Challenge, a five mile race that includes a doughnut stop in the middle. By registering as a competitor, I will be timed and will have to carry my dozen doughnuts — either in my belly or in a pack I plan to carry — with me. 496 more words