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#TBT: Me VS Me

Today’s Throwback Thursday is more significant than most.  This time last year, I was a newbie runner learning to finish a 5k.  Today, I completed my longest distance yet at 13.1, something I definitely would have felt was impossible one year ago.   649 more words


2015 Mercer Island Half-Marathon: I walked the talk and ran the Run

March Madness is over for Oregon Ducks fans for another year, though they went down swingin’ (like Sonny Liston) against Wisconsin. Earlier last Sunday (March 22), I labored my way through the… 813 more words


Unilab Active Health Introduces Pacers in RU1: Tips for Pacers and Runners

It was great to see “Pacers” finally introduced at the recent Run United 1 where 5k, 10k and 21k runners were guided to finish in their particular projected times. 1,518 more words


Where Feet May Fail

This month I said yes to something that I’m not sure I can accomplish. I don’t like to do that. I think it has something to do with the feeling that if I say I am going to do something, then I better well do it, because my word is on the line. 427 more words

march 26

j – you know that day where you watch the weather and it’s like thunderstorms all day, every hour, until the end of time and then the thunderstorm never happens in the county and you regret not strapping your shoes on and stepping outside in the neighborhood then you’re forced to run 5 on the tm after babysitting cousin all afternoon then having family dinner then watching tv with dad when all you want to do is take today as a rest day but then you make bobke turn on the hbo go on the xbox thingie and you end up watching some movie with the dude from family guy and the girl from that monster movie and the guy whose daughter keeps getting taken and you feel great but now you’re all sweaty and it’s bed time and you have to debate whether or not to take a shower and all i can think is i’m thankful i never lived in the wild wild west because apparently it was out to kill you plus if i was born in the 1800s these people wouldn’t be my parents, and i’m pretty lucky to have them. here’s to 37 more.

g –


Bataan Memorial Death March: The Beginning

How Did I get Myself Into This?

After completing the Bataan Memorial Death March last year, I thought I’d be one and done. It’s an amazing, moving, meaningful race, but it’s also very challenging and very taxing. 675 more words


Thinking out loud #2-Random Thoughts....

It’s Thursday so that means linking up with  Amanda  @ Running with Spoons!


I am all over the place so bear with me and enjoy the ride! 325 more words