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I'm fundraising my pants off for @CupidsUndieRun! Make a donation here to help #EndNF

A 1-mile run in your undies. Big party before and after. All for charity!  Help me help children suffering from Neurofibromatosis!  Plus today I am matching any donations I get so the Children’s tumor foundation and everyone suffering from NF get double the support! 16 more words


Some Biking, Some Broomball

Today’s blog entry is illustrated! I need to do this more. I’ve been aching to draw. These are quick little sketches, but it’s better than just words I think. 586 more words


How to Run Faster!!

I been currently training on running a 5k in April, here’s a video that will teach anyone how to run FASTER!!!


5 steps to creating great goals for running

Be SMART when setting goals!

We’ve talked a lot about how setting goals, putting them on the calendar and being accountable helps you achieve success… not just with exercise, but with everything in life! 681 more words


5 Tips for Becoming a Morning Runner

…or worker-outer, if running isn’t your thing.

In a perfect world, we’d all get 8 hours of sleep (or more?? no judgment there — I slept 9.5 last night and could have kept going if WORK didn’t happen, I won’t lie) and wake up before sunrise just rip roaring to slide into sneaks and hit the pavement or gym. 725 more words


It's all in the hips.


Well, that’s what Shakira reckons anyway and, at the moment, I’m inclined to agree with her.
Cue inserting gratuitous photo of Shakira: 365 more words