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Day291 Long run to high school

Back about a month ago, I went on ‘a walk‘, which was really a long run but I was very under-motivated at a time and was too ashamed to call it a run. 2,702 more words


Runner's Spirit

I don’t have a runner’s body. Maybe I did, or almost did, at one point in my mid-20s when I was living alone, cooking for one and hadn’t yet stretched myself out with the growing of tiny humans. 338 more words

A humid tempo run

Got up at the crack of dawn again today, well 6:15am anyway, this time for a tempo run. 

Just to remind people what a tempo run is… it’s a high-paced run, at around 90-95% maximum effort, or your 5k pace + 20-25 seconds. 259 more words


Random Thursdays

-I’m saying it. I don’t think NYC Marathon is happing. As a matter of fact, NYRR just should call the fall racing season a wash. That said, I would not mind a spring NYC Marathon, but I realize that the logistics of postponing a marathon of this magnitude would be a nightmare.  621 more words


RDG's Top 10 - #8 Courtney's Kick-Off '15

Year 1 was so special and different aspects of that first race will always be something that be near and dear to my heart. Courtney’s beginning here is really the culmination of a lot of hard work by the team to get ready, a lot of hard work in fundraising, and a ton of nerves because we had no idea what we were doing. 84 more words


Cycle 1 into Cycle 2

I have completed cycle 1 and have started cycle 2.

Here are my results.

And here are the horrendous photos of me…before and after (you remember I mentioned in my last blog that I needed new underwear….well now you see why!) 1,532 more words

Run around Rise

Another weekend, another run. Again we didn’t want to drive far away from home, we wanted to avoid other people as much as possible, and we wanted to be off road. 140 more words