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Wildest dreams.

Looking back.

The smell of grass hangs in the air, a cool and dewy tickle to the nose. The trees filter the early morning light, peeking through the branches and the leaves. 1,300 more words

Exercising through a Pandemic: Personal and Practical benefits

Physical Activity is something our bodies need, to help maintain a healthy mind and body. However, often misunderstood, people exercise for ‘weight management’ believing that burning calories leads to weightloss. 1,182 more words


313 days to run

313 days to go…FOR WHAT? Yes, valid question, as always. But I gave you the first hint already in the title and the photo was also rather obvious ;) 437 more words


6k for British Legion Poppy Run - done Sunday:

Just caught up with myself today, so here it is. This is my first run of longer than 5k (bar the four 10k charity runs I’ve done), since the bad chest infection I had last December and that I’ve been struggling to recover from all year, and the first run I’ve really enjoyed in all that time. 707 more words


The BeltLine Had Good Intentions

Even when the Atlanta BeltLine is complete it will never be safe to ride a bike on:

If any of you have ridden on the Silver Comet on a nice weekend, you know that the first 10 miles are like a minefield of people, good look finding that narrow window where you could move left and pass 10 people and three strollers. 347 more words


Turkey Trot Training October Edition

In September, I started an 8-week training plan with Stryd that I’ve loosely followed for the Prospect Park Track Club Virtual Turkey Trot. Loosely being the key word. 382 more words