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The unusual challenges of being an amateur runner

I’ve never liked running. Never. And that is simply because I find it quite punishing.

I must have read a fair few articles on why running is bad to make myself feel better, and google obliged as always, helping us see what we want to see. 1,367 more words

A Tough Run & Pain Spirals

For the last few months I have been running two miles a day, every weekday morning. Running has been a frequent activity in my life since high school days as a middle-distance runner on the track team. 1,259 more words


A Billion Stars Held Steady

I was reading in our local newspaper about the Perseid meteor shower, which will be visible to us this month as the Earth passes through the tail of the Comet Swift-Tuttle. 1,068 more words

Shedding light on Graphics

Market Scorecard

Yesterday our banks and retailers were both leading the charge locally, a sign that investors were buying SA Inc. Looking at the Top 40, there were more shares in the green than the red, but due to Naspers being down 2%, the All-share Index closed lower for the day. 744 more words


I Improved My Pace Using Military Cadencing

LOW RIDA LAYO! or in English: Left, Right, Left!

One normal day in a state of procrastination on YouTube, I stumbled across US Marine training, inspired by learning about David Goggin’s story (post coming soon). 436 more words


Well, as planned, I took of Thursday-Monday. But *not* as planned, my ankle is still not healed enough to run on.

What’s a girl to do? 515 more words