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A 3 -day vacation in LA

Hi, Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

I had a fun and relaxing 3 – day vacation in Los Angeles with my cousin last week.  We were supposed to stay at my brother’s place in Long Beach, but he was out of town. 364 more words

Random Thoughts

LA week 10 | it's the climb

Week 10 followed the formula of many of the weeks prior. Alyssa came into town for the weekend and we had a relaxing and fun weekend planned. 375 more words

Los Angeles

LA week 9 // rose colored glasses

Week nine was all about art, hiking and Wonder Woman. 588 more words

Los Angeles

Sunrise at Runyon Canyon

The one hiking trail in LA that everyone seems to know about is Runyon Canyon. Apparently it’s very crowded usually and especially on weekends. Henri and I decided to try to see the sunrise from there the other day. 136 more words

Los Angeles

A Few Days on the West Coast

Five days wasn’t nearly enough to see all that L.A. had to offer, but regardless, it was #lit. From the Highlands of Calabasas to the low tides of Venice Beach, every part of the city (that I was able to visit) had a lot to offer. 125 more words

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眺望大洛杉磯?! 一起到Runyon Canyon Hiking健走🏃🏻

從Bay Area搬到LA之後一直想要找到一個真的可以看夜景的地方,以前學校的後山就有一個vista point可以完整看到Bay Area的夜景,甚至是飛機起降都可以看得清清楚楚!很可惜洛杉磯我還沒有找到這樣的地方!這次介紹的地方其實不能看夜景,因為他只開黎明到黃昏。請大家多給一點時間去探索洛杉磯的夜景吧😭

不過說歸說Runyon Canyon的景色也是美的不要不要的! 除了山上的黃色小花以外,這條步道可以眺望大洛杉磯~我和朋友C一起去hiking,一邊爬山一邊討論著哪裡是Ktown哪裡又是DTLA


我記得當時我不是直接停在Runyon Canyon的官網上面提供的地址,而是開到山頂上的Runyon Canyon North Entrance那邊的停車場停車!因為其他入口好像都需要路邊停車😭

Runyon Canyon的路其實不算難走,也沒有說很陡!有一些需要爬樓梯的地方但是不多!我跟C兩個人有時候根本連樓梯都懶得爬直接爬旁邊的斜坡就上去了!所以應該不需要太擔心會不會累個半死!很適合花一個下午來這邊放鬆~

Helpful Link: Runyon Canyon地圖
北邊有停車場的入口: 7317 Mulholland Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046… 7 more words
Greater Los Angeles

Sights to Visit in Los Angeles Without Spending a Penny

A metropolitan without doubt, an undisputed urban jungle and a hub for dreamers, Los Angeles has some lesser-spoken-about secrets, some so concealed that even the city dwellers don’t know about them! 803 more words