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The Exorcist TV series drops a retro trailer

The trailer has landed for Fox’s new TV interpretation of The Exorcist. Drawing William Peter Blatty’s novel it is said to tell a brand new story with Geena Davis staring as the mother of a possessed girl, while the show’s two exorcists are played by Ben Daniels and Alfonso Herrera. 24 more words





You know Gambit, right?

That sexy, Cajun mutant with the ability to control the kinetic energy of things he touches? Tends to power up playing cards and throw them at people, because he’s a bit of a gambler (gambler, Gambit, get it?), but also carries a staff that can do some serious damage when he charges it up. 464 more words


TV Review: 'The Exorcist'

One would be forgiven for reacting with anger, or, more appropriately, horror, at the idea of “The Exorcist” being re-tooled for the small screen. Is nothing sacred, not even the 1973 William Friedkin classic? 882 more words


Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

Caesar the chimpanzee is the genetically altered product of medical research and when he becomes the victim of the mistreatment afforded to all research animals, he uses his superior intelligence to escape captivity. 152 more words


GIVEAWAY: advanced screening for THE EXORCIST on Tuesday, September 13 (Philly, PA)

Happy Friday MMT Fam! Now, lemme ‘splain something to y’all right quick… I WILL NOT be attending this advanced screening – you hear me???? ‘Cause I’m chicken – yep, I said it! 629 more words


Rupert Wyatt's Sci-Fi Film 'Captive State' Lands at Participant Media

After a heated bidding war, Participant Media has come away with the rights to Rupert Wyatt’s next film, “Captive State.”

Wyatt will direct from a script he co-wrote with his wife Erica Beeney. 183 more words


Participant Media Wins Auction For Rupert Wyatt's 'Captive State'

EXCLUSIVE: In competitive bidding, Participant Media has acquired worldwide rights to Captive State, a package for a big-scale film that Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes… 285 more words

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