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The virtues of ruqyah and du’aa’s to be recited therein

Q) What are the virtues of a man reciting ruqyah for himself? What is the evidence for that? What should he say when he recites ruqyah for himself?. 3,525 more words

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Waktu untuk ruqyah

Assalamualaikum, Alhamdulillah dikasih peluang buat pertemuan lagi dengan kalian. Sesudah pada awal mulanya kita membahas menyangkut ruqyah mandiri, kali ini kita bakal membahas menyangkut waktu kapan kita mesti lakukan ruqyah. 306 more words


Why does a peer saab or magician or (fake) raqi need your name and your mother's name?

1) Each one of us has a qareen (a jinn that is with us, inviting us to sin) – using your name and mother’s name the magician can identify you… 168 more words


Was the Messenger of Allaah afflicted with Sihr?

Question: Was magic worked on the Prophet (peace be upon him) and was he affected by it?

Answer: The Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) is human. 34 more words


Believing that knot-tying cures diseases

Question: A sister of mine performed Hajj with my father along with some people from our country. On the Day of `Arafah, an Iranian woman brought a silk thread and asked my sister and the women with her saying: Could any one of you who is performing Hajj for the first time tie a knot with that silk thread? 136 more words


Breaking a spell by a counter spell

Question: Many people believe that a man who is under a spell should go to a certain person to break the spell by means of amulets. 69 more words


Breaking the spell of a sorcerer using a counter spell

Question: One sister sent a question to my wife stating that when the Messenger of Allaah (peace be upon him) was under a spell, it was not broken except when Jibreel (Gabriel, peace be upon him) came and told him of the spell as it is authentically related. 124 more words