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Friday's Fave Five #95

My goal is to post FFF each week to make myself intentionally stop and recall blessings of the previous week. It’s amazing to me how often I have to rack my brain to think of five I want to write about when each week is full of God’s grace as well as many blessings Suzanne sponsors this exercise at  341 more words

The Christian Life


Spring is spittlebug season. Just about the time I want to start picking and dehydrating the perennial herbs, the spittlebugs descend upon them. In bad years, it makes harvesting herbs a slimy task. 181 more words


Goat Willow

I find it very difficult to express the differences that have occurred in my life over the last five years but this pick-up full of goat willow might help. 663 more words

Random Thoughts

Seasons of Gaillardia

When I asked my wife to identify the flower the butterfly was enjoying, her reaction surprised and inspired me. “Wow,” she said, “seasons of Gaillardia!” Then I saw it. 62 more words


One invisible story

Indulge me for a moment as I present these facts.

  • Women make half the food and fibre in the world. The entire freaking world.
  • Up until 23 years ago any Australian woman filling in the Census could not be categorised as a farmer.
  • 907 more words
Stuff I Like

I'll Huff and I'll Puff 

I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll try to blow your house down said the big bad wind. And try he did. I felt it shaking in the timbers but I’m happy to report it stood another go around. 182 more words

Random Ramblings

A week of sightseeing

I spent this week entertaining my guest from Houston and boy, am I tired! Yesterday, we dropped her at the airport at 6:15 AM, and after doing a few chores around the house, I lay down and fell asleep for four hours. 757 more words