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Advent List

It’s the silly season, with end-of-the-school-year stuff piling up with Christmas, summer vacation, and garden stuff.

Once again, lists take centre stage for me. The general to-do list gave way to a ‘before Christmas’ to-do list. 92 more words


God was Here: Between Two Worlds

I am sorry I ran from you.
I am still running, running from that knowledge,
that eye, that love from which there is no refuge.
448 more words

Rural Life

Ruined by Popularity

Twelve years ago, we made the hair-raising drive out to Tumbledown Bay, on the recommendation of a colleague.

We fell in love. The remote bay with its sandy beach, kid-friendly waves, stunning scenery, and fabulous wildlife was exactly what we wanted in a beach. 261 more words


Prairie frost, and Effie

Before noon the sun and earth had escaped the freezing fog. The sun illuminated the frost and rose the temperature to a pleasantly brisk 28°F. Effie paced Effieland’s perimeter for quite a while, stopping to lick icy droplets from the tall prairie grasses, and simply enjoying her sun-gilt holdings. 45 more words


Dusk at Pleasant View

Photography helps keep my mind sharp. It motivates me to see the beauty that is all around me, to photograph scenes that I couldn’t even imagine existed. 207 more words


Shameless Beauty

Sunrise on the Mekong. I can already feel the heat stalking beneath the skin of the day. Like a body in repose, the river heaves and recedes with each passing vessel. 1,132 more words


Yeah, so I found this post in my drafts’ folder titled ‘Autumn!’ and no words written.

I was trying to write at least one post a month, and when that failed, at least one post a season.  705 more words

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