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Autumn in Amish Country

I think I’ll just let this photo speak for itself.

“Autumn in Amish Country” in my Photo of the Week.

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Farm Wife Life; What nobody told me about living on a farm

Have you seen the recent spate of “what I wish I knew before having kids”, or “7 things you didn’t know about birth”- well here’s my rural orientated version- these are some of the things that I didn’t know I needed to know before I moved out of town to live ‘truly rural’.   949 more words

Leaving the big city.

Shortly after my son was born this summer, we took a short trip to Sweden to spend a week at a friend’s summer house. Far away form city noise and hectic life. 96 more words


Midnight Flowers

We have several pittosporums around the house, mostly Pittosporum tenuifolium, also known as kohuhu. Kohuhu are nice hedging plants, and form lovely dense shrubs when pruned. 160 more words


Dolphin Stress Relief

I had a long blog post for today mostly written. I just needed to polish it and find a photo to go with it…

Then we went down to the beach after dinner. 116 more words

A Year Outdoors

What Is Balance?

There is no semblance of a working week in rural China. Farming requires daily contribution in order to get the most out of the land and minimise waste. 206 more words

The China Saga

Orb Weavers

Weeding can be tedious, miserable work. Hard on the back, hard on the hands, and downright painful in much of my garden, where nettles and thistles grow exuberantly. 285 more words