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Our new brood of six

It was like homesickness—we wanted to raise a few chickens again, have them around, paying a fraction of their keep in eggs.

We chose Rhode Island Reds; last time we had Buff Rocks. 44 more words

Action & Being

Using Appropriate Technology

John Michael Greer is really the only voice out there that inspires me and gets me through “discouraging times”. I have been planning and working on installing more appropriate technology for the Farm. 211 more words


Wildlife in the Yard

Yesterday afternoon I noticed a wild hen turkey near our feeder and as I drew near the window right below me was a tom strutting his stuff! 201 more words

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Real Life Lessons: What children learn on a homestead

When I was a child, I rode my bike to my friend’s houses. I walked to the grocery store to spend my allowance on a box of fruit roll-ups that I’d eat in a single day. 983 more words


Suddenly it's Spring!

It seems that yesterday “Spring” arrived…..That moment when one is outside  feeling the breeze and taking in all the fresh scents. The skies are vivid blue and the light dazzles your eyes. 96 more words


A Good Day to Make Syrup

(There have been many reasons I don’t do video, and this fiasco has added a few more to the list. Botched on G+, fouled up on Facebook, and an all-around pain, this video is hand-held and rudimentary, like me, with some free cheesy ambient music, also like me. 59 more words

Quill Gordon

The walk to the mailbox is a bit long

In some places in Vermont, the driveway to the house can be just slightly shorter than the main road coming from town. Unless you live in a state that is rural the concept of having a half to one mile hike to the road isn’t one that fits in with normal living. 38 more words