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This little Piggy...

This little piggy went to the market.  This little piggy stayed home. This little piggy rigged a jail break and got everyone out. 95 more words

Current Conditions

Slip and slide of doom

Today we made a break for civilization. This is our two week anniversary of being snowbound, and we finally managed to escape. With the rain and heat we have had the last few days, the snow is starting to melt with a vengeance. 261 more words

Rural Life

VisuaLingual Seed Bombs in Good Housekeeping Magazine

We’re thrilled that our Salad Greens Seed Bombs are included in the March 2015 Good Housekeeping Magazine. It’s too cold to garden in most parts of the US right now, but you can grow these seed bombs on a sunny windowsill and enjoy your mini crop in just a few weeks!

Urban Life

A Sunny Day to Organize

Wow, what a beautiful, sunny day in Central Oregon. Cold out there, but never the less beautiful. Since we are coming to the end of winter, I jumped in early this morning and reorganized the book case; pitching, trashing and otherwise cleaning up a annoying mess. 52 more words

The Harvest Hangover

I woke this morning with a headache. It was one I recognised—the Harvest Hangover. It’s a combination of fatigue and dehydration that comes after a day of picking and preserving vegetables. 260 more words

365 Days Of Food

Rural Life- Final Dummy Book and Research

After having a tutorial on Friday, I came away with some ideas and suggestions to think about before I send my book in for the final print. 776 more words


Pretty Simple Stuff

The writing prompt: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning?

I wonder if that brilliantly-colored cardinal knows he’s beautiful? He doesn’t seem to realize that he is the most beautiful bird at the feeder; he doesn’t act conceited, only hungry. 143 more words