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Rustic Guest Katie Attwood - One Foot in the Stirrup

My rustic guest in the farmhouse kitchen this week has come all the way from Australia.

Katie Attwood is a para-equestrian who, in her own words, “plans to take on the world… minus a foot.” I love reading Katie’s posts about her travel and equine adventures, so a big thank you to Katie for letting me share a little of her story here. 102 more words


Water Perspective

“The weather’s been shocking! Where did our sunshine go?”

“I don’t know. All this rain is horrible.”

I listened to this conversation with a mixture of amusement and sadness. 323 more words


Taking time to appreciate my wife

By Bruce Stambaugh

The pungent smell of ammonia tickled my nose as I sat on the living room couch reading my morning devotions. My energetic wife was already hard at work cleaning the house. 577 more words


Food Journey in Larkana

Food is an integral part of all travels. It tells so much about the people, their likes and preferences, their personalities and so much more. It is that crispy crust without which the foundation would be hollow and the necessary topping which completes the final look. 1,064 more words


The new girls on the hill

Our three Rhode Island Red hens are approaching four years old, and we don’t know when they will cease to lay eggs. Chicks are hatched, and we went to Primeland, the local farm store, and bought four Rhody chicks for $1 apiece. 28 more words


Signs of #Spring2017

Over the last 10 days we have had the creeks are running and seen numerous birds returning, including: Canadian Geese, Mallard and Pintail ducks, Sea gulls, Bluebirds, Northern Shovelers, Sharp tailed Grouse, Crows, and Meadowlarks.  76 more words

Rural Life

Texas Senate Bill 1588: eliminate vehicle inspections

Texas is one of the minority of states still requiring annual inspections.  I believe that safety inspections are a money grab hidden behind a fig leaf of “public safety”.   113 more words

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