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Rebecca's Wool

Rebecca is passionate about what she does. She is a lady who loves her work and it shows. I met Rebecca last week when I attended the… 165 more words

County Mayo

A Knockout Punch

This week it was my turn to nearly supervise a small installation and make sure that no harm came to. This exhibition ‘Suffolk Horse Power’ tells the story of the Suffolk Punch horse, a local agricultural breed famed for its strength and endurance pulling farm tools, but now in danger of disappearing after tractors became popular across East Anglia in the 1950s. 218 more words


With Poise

Now we live in the country.  At the bottom of the garden the old shed barely holds itself together.  Opening the door involves an intricately delicate balancing act to ensure the door doesn’t entirely fall away.   51 more words

These Dappled Things

Crocuses to the Rescue

It was a long day. I was working in town. At the library. Trying to focus sitting next to a man who spent the day ripping pungent farts, then next to a pair having a loud business meeting. 177 more words


So much Chemistry...

This week, I started my junior year at college, which, by many peoples’ accounts, is supposed to be the hardest year of school. If you didn’t know, I am a chemistry major, and the challenges of having a life and also studying the amount I need to are already getting to me with only three days of classes under my belt. 401 more words

Late August Garden

The days are still hot with nights around 70° or a bit higher and the humidly chasing that up the scale. One never knows which will win that race; one only hopes it’s the AC that comes in first place. 125 more words

Rural Life

Saskatchewan Memories

We are finally having some cooler weather this weekend in the Fraser Valley.  Saturday was a slightly overcast morning with a moderate temperature of 24-27 C.  564 more words