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What Faithful Knew

On paper, it probably didn’t look like a good idea. A home and family in a bit of an uproar, lots going on. He was the the fourth of five and the youngest son. 535 more words

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Riparian Entertainment

Although I was very far — across the river, a steep river bank and a road — from this group of girls, the click of my camera spooked them enough to high-tail it out of their peaceful time by the side of the water. 11 more words

Original Photography

Grange Flag

You know you are “R”ural if you can automatically recognize this flag.

Original Photography

Mothers and Daughters

In grade school I had a long walk to school. At least it seemed long. I crossed Lawrence Avenue which was quite a busy street and didn’t get crossing lights until I was much older. 748 more words

The Bunkie (a very short story)

On my grandparents island in Haliburton, a perfect path led through the woods to the bunkie.   The light was mottled through a canopy of leaves above, and the ground was soft and quiet – a blanket of pine needles and soft earth over the exposed rocks. 463 more words

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Positive thoughts re: the middle of nowhere or Deliverance country

So I have been trying hard to “look at the bright side” as my friend says. Frankly, being somewhat light sensitive, it hurts me to look on the bright side.   263 more words

Rural Living

Village Trips and Piloting Bush Planes

Just got back into Fairbanks today after a four day trip to Anaktuvuk Pass for a Veterinary trip. None of the smaller villages on the Slope have Veterinary Clinics, so twice yearly we travel to all the villages to provide services, most of the services are free, including spays, neuters and rabies vaccines, basically anything public health related. 215 more words