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New on 500px : After sunset in nowhere land by JohnWright5 by JohnWright5

Actually this was taken standing in a field somewhere in the south of Armenia a few kilometres outside the town of Goris, near its border with Azerbaijan… 6 more words

Real Estate And Mortgage

Winter Landscape

Spring is showing her face around here, but winter storms persist.


Immensity revisited

In the flatlands, the sky stretches virtually if not completely from horizon to horizon. The immensity, the feeling, of it cannot be captured in one regular image.

Simple, Immense

Two hallmarks of of flatland scenery. The eye, mind, and spirit can feast on the simplicity and immensity of the landscape.

Black and white rural

At last! An overtly non-urban challenge. My contribution is this cow, flaunting her designer black and white patterning in a paddock 250 metres from Highway 1, linking Sydney and Melbourne via the coast. 58 more words


Winter scene

You may recall that I photographed this tree last fall and Faye suggested visiting it during succeeding seasons. Today was a good day to visit in winter, and look at it from a slightly different angle. 47 more words