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A tree stands in a mid-January mild spell, awaiting the next blows Winter chooses to fling.


Softens and blurs

Late on a winter afternoon, wind-driven rain softens and blurs the landscape.

Edited to add: I will take my usual internet fast Wednesday night, so no post then. 7 more words



On a winter day, a country road is wreathed in fog.



During an absolutely calm and foggy aftrnoon, an old windmill awaits the next breeze.


A good day

Some folks may describe this image as depicting a gloomy day. To me it was good to be able to take this photo, know theĀ palpable difference between today’s temperature, -1, and last Wednesday’s temperature of -10 with a stiff wind blowing, to have made it another year. 7 more words


Caution is advised

Wintry rural road, icy in spots . . . unplowed cornfield on one side . . . eight foot deep ditch on the other side.

Caution is advised.


After a few days of not shaving, my face feels a little like how this field of corn stubble looks.