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Falls’ palette has begun its artistry. Brushing this bush is only one of many artworks to come.


Changes with the seasons - The Stile

I’ve been recording the changes that come with season and weather as I walk along the Cerne Valley Trail in Dorset, England. The horse chestnut tree by theĀ stile in these photographs is a convenient marker to illustrate the transition from bare branches of winter to full foliage in summer. 33 more words



A young tree stands silhouetted against the dawn, awaiting another day.



In the distance, at the far end of a soybean field, peeking out fromĀ  one bush and standing in front of another, hay bales await the tractor and trailer.


Old barns

Old barns like this are disappearing in our part of the world. They can be costly to keep up and (I assume) they are not as ‘efficient’ and ‘modern’ as ones with a metal frame and skin. 45 more words