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What is Around the Curve?

I had pulled to the side of a country road in Virginia’s Shenandoah to photograph an old and abandoned gas station.

As I returned to my vehicle I looked ahead and saw that the road made a curve ahead. 34 more words

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It was Actually Quite Harmless

I was driving with a friend recently when it began raining. There was no thunderstorm, just rain. I thought this cloud formation looked interesting so I made a photograph of it as we drove along.   25 more words

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It Won't Be Long 'till Harvest

The corn in Midwest fields is as tall as it is going to get this year. The tassels are out and it is a matter of time before the crop matures to a point where it is ready for harvest. 96 more words

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Ripening Barley at Charlton Down

Barley ripening in a Dorset field at Charlton Down 1st July 2017. The blond whiskers of the seed spikelets on the drooping heads of barley seem to create acres of pale gold cobwebs to delight the eye.

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Storm is a Coming

I lived in central Illinois for three decades and during that time I saw countless thunderstorms roll in and out. Yet I never once thought to get out and photograph one. 241 more words


Jogging and Biking on a Rural Road

Here are a couple of young folks out for some exercise. He is jogging, but she is riding a bicycle. They are headed east on a rural road leading out of the village of Siam, Ohio.  30 more words