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Feeling at Home on the Farm

I had just gotten up in motel room in Rochelle, Illinois, when I drew back the curtains from the window and was intrigued by the early morning sunlight playing off a nearby farm. 180 more words


Endless Road

When I was a kid growing up in east central Illinois, I used to imagine that the many country roads that we sometimes traveled extended for very long distances. 143 more words


The old man and the sea

I walk by the sea,

I live by the sea,

the sea is my own,

the sea is my home.



A lone cow grazes. The caretaker will be nearby. In a few minutes it will be led home where it will chew its cud. At once busy and relaxed. 15 more words


Morning unexpectedness

I happened to catch this scene on my way to work. This is at an intersection I go through on every trip and yet I have never seen this horse being walked into the barn. 24 more words

Photographic Musings

Apples in the Pond, January, 2016

Photo copyright 2016 by Marc Isolda

The apples bobbing in a farm pond, clogged with autumn leaves in January, made me wonder why the fruit had gone unpicked and the raking neglected.  25 more words

Field And Farm