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Robyn's story: From grub to butterfly

By Robyn Warwick, Narrabri
As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

I am now a strong, independent woman that wears strong colours and had the nerve to paint my house purple, when the norm was green, cream and white. 1,011 more words

Rural Women

The Goddess in the Backyard


I wiped the black soot and the beads of sweat decorating my face with the unused corner of the already dirty cotton rag. 1,856 more words

Short Fiction

Men's matters: How to avoid being a victim of change

Dr John Ashfield PhD, Australian Institute of Male Health & Studies.
As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

…change can turn out to be a real tonic.

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Rural Women

Busy or effective?

I’m busy.  I’m so busy doing stuff , that I have no time for the little things like playing with the kids, or taking time to relax or do something I really, really want to.   407 more words

a M.A.D evening of Lino Printing

I know countless numbers of people are wondering just what happens when you combine a handful of people, some ink and sharp tools of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I though I’d spare you a trip to Mullewa and give you a peep. 138 more words

The painted African woman

The most beautiful women in the world are like good coffee….black as hell,strong as hope and sweet as love .#AfricanProverb

Is this how the typical African woman is around you, black as hell …wen majority of our beautiful chocolate coated sisters are made to believe being of a lighter skin tone is beautiful.Are we really strong as hope ,yet we stand behind the men who abuse us and our children in the name of love and cultural beliefs..What hope do I bring to the face of my scared and bruised daughter who is exposed to sexual and physical abuse from the one I lay with in bed at night .Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga,is what adults would tell you after seeking guidance from them .In the name of love ,I give a blind eye to my child and please the perpetrator who so happens to be my husband. 474 more words

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