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Our journey into farming

By Liane Corocher, Hunter Valley. As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

Moving from a beautiful new home in close proximity to friends and shopping centres to a ‘renovators delight’ on a 20 km stretch of windy dirt road may seem crazy to some. 925 more words

Rural Women

5 ways to turn risk into a win

Written by Kathleen Fisher, Knowsley VIC. As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

I would never skydive, bungee jump or swim with sharks… and yet I consider myself to be a risk-taker. 991 more words

Rural Women

Parenting: Managing life transitions

Written by Melinda Philips, Good Grief Ltd. As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

Many transitions, large and small, occur at the beginning of the calendar year in Australia. 1,109 more words

Rural Women

I am an Australian - Just like you

As featured in The Country Web 2016 Annual

The true optimist not only expects the best to happen, but goes to work to make the best happen. 1,856 more words

Rural Women

Well, I'm definitely not pregnant.

It’s Sunday morning, and I should’ve been out of bed three (or four) hours ago.

Usually, and by this time, the house would’ve been cleaned, the washing done, a workout completed, and the pantry reorganised (again). 534 more words


The "Other" Woman

I’ll be honest.

This blog didn’t eventuate from a conversation over a cup of coffee with a girlfriend. Nor did it arise out of pity for another Contracting Wife – or even (simply) from boredom. 383 more words


Who is this Contractor's Wife?

Am I a lonely, semi-bored, and (according to my urban friends) “living in the middle of nowhere” woman who is betrothed to a contracting man? 354 more words