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Why doesn’t the REA (rural electrification administration) model work for broadband today?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard in 100 times – broadband expansion is the rural electrification challenge of our generation. We need an effort like the REA! 484 more words


An Ozarks Eccentric Passes

I’ve written about Chief Wana Dubie before, but this weekend came the news that he had died. You’re only an eccentric until everybody comes round to your way of thinking, and the gradual spread of legalized marijuana around the country might presage the movement of the Chief from crank to prophet. 74 more words


Around the Acreage: Rusted

When I don’t have time to travel somewhere new, I like to slip my boots on and explore our acreage. Sometimes I go out with a mission; I know exactly what I want to shoot and while I may veer off course a bit, I still reach my goal. 109 more words

Funny but sadly true

This should be funny.

But as the rural-urban divide widens and the inability to join the dots between farming and food increases it becomes more and more sadly true. 25 more words


Automation answer to artificially high wages

NZ First wants a minimum wage of $20 an hour. The party also wants less immigration.

A higher minimum wage and fewer migrants are being promoted by other parties on the left too. 718 more words


Who can borrow what from whom?

“Bro, I know it’s a big ask so don’t hesitate to say no.” said Tim.

He had my attention.

“My motorbike’s rear brake has packed up, and I am riding down to Munsiyari with some other bikers. 474 more words

Uncity Life

Ready For Fall

Most people who say they are ready for fall are thinking of Halloween, pumpkin spice everything, or thanksgiving. I love all of those things, but I am dying for fall for a very different reason. 174 more words

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