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Reason No 26: does country living kill your brain cells?

Am I getting boring?

I called my sister the other day and she was just rushing out to see an opera.  ‘I’ll call you tomorrow!’ she said – and then she didn’t, because she had to go to a poetry reading and then out for lunch at some cafe and then…. 322 more words

Post 347a

This boy vends bítso, something akin to a long john doughnut, kept in a large polystyrene box. He squeezes his “honky horn” to call customers.

Photo by I.R. Arenas


Griffith: Day 5

Again I find myself woefully behind on these blog posts – rest assured my sleep deprivation at the current time has encouraged me to be more proactive in getting my lesson plans and blogs done. 185 more words


Steeds 34

“Miss De Havilland. Good afternoon.”

“Hello, Sheriff.”

“I presume you’re in town on errands,” said Lee, “but, for most people, errands don’t normally include stops here.” 1,396 more words


An ass of a story

Of all animals, the donkey is perhaps the most important in rural Jamaica, certainly for small farmers in the interior for whom the donkey is an indispensable means of transport to and from their small plots in the hills and mountains. 949 more words

urbanization/cities: urban development in china

Urbanization is the movement of people to, and the clustering of people in, towns and cities. It coincides with the process of industrialization–as more countries industrialize, more people migrate from rural to urban areas. 338 more words

Human Geography

Rustic Rhapsody

Rustic scenes from a rustic town.
My mode of travel for weeks to come!
The ring of the bell, the groaning wheels,
The creaky brakes and jumpy seat, 22 more words