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Gig Review + Photo Gallery: Vancouver Noise Fest V

Now in its fifth year, Vancouver’s one-day festival of sonic chaos presented more than 20 artists* from across Canada and the U.S., divided into two shows at The Hindenberg and The Black Lab last Saturday. 186 more words


Transformational Music Theory (13)(bis)

This is a very short post, which is kind of a follow-up on my previous post about the transformation, or if you feel attracted to neo-Riemannian transformations. 267 more words


"Russian Folk Belief: A Fairytale" by Nayantara Nelson

In a certain province, in a certain village on the eastern rise of a sizeable plain sat a wood far enough from the activities of the populous as to not upset the threshold. 3,868 more words

Fairy Tale

Of myths and music

That great similarity of folklore in many societies. In Trinidad there is Dame G’Lo (de l’eau), and here we have that water sprite of Czech myth with anguished but melodious lament to the moon on her beloved mortal. 7 more words


Don't Go Near the Water...

Cautionary tales to protect children are a cross-cultural phenomenon. From stepping over pavement cracks to prevent an immediate attack of the ursidae variety or the immediate shattering of your own mother’s spine to the cannibalistic ‘Basket Woman’ of Native American Folklore who will hit you in the head with a stick and boil you should you dare to venture out past bedtime; the use of fear to quell rebellion in children is universal. 1,220 more words

Rusalka - Song to the Moon - Track 15

I have previously written about one of my favourite songs: Rusalka’s “Mesicku na nebi hlubokem,” (Song to the Moon) from the Opera by Antonín Dvořák showing images of the stage sets and Renee Fleming’s beautiful version. 523 more words

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