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Once upon a time, in a land far away…before the days of muddy boots and crisp sandwiches, I used to be a singer.  Sometimes, when the mood strikes and the veil lifts it happens again.   258 more words


Kikimora, opening chapter

How it begins

Anatoly took a card from the pile, sighed, and laid it back down on the table. “They have trampled a road all the way across the lower slopes and up to their infernal workings,” he said. 2,168 more words


Rusalka's Song to the Moon and Memories of Kitnocks Hill

Hearing the snatch of a song on the radio on Thursday and learning its source, reminded me that it is high time that I acknowledged the sad outcome of efforts to stop building on land associated with an ‘unquiet spirit’ known as Kitty Nocks, who is said to appear around midnight when it is the full moon. 187 more words

Rusalka: Getting close but not close enough

a review and reflection of the 2014 Philippine premier of Dvořák’s Rusalka

On the windy Thursday evening in September, the UP College of Music-Voice Department concluded the run of the lyric, fairytale opera, Rusalka at the Abelardo Hall, UP Diliman. 1,324 more words


Rusalki: the Slavic Nymphs

“She shook the bright drops from her hair

And gazed upon the anchorite;

To look upon her form so fair

The good monk trembled with affright.

1,031 more words