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RUSALKA - " Pink Devil "

Chances are PJ Harvey will love Rusalka when she hears it. There’s something of Bjork and Patti Smith in those awesome vocals, too. This band are our new addiction and we’re delighted to have discovered her, very little information about this artist.  70 more words



Wicked Wednesday: Week 1: Enjoy reading about wicked and misunderstood creatures!

Rusalka are said to have once been the drowned spirits of women; some say they were unclean female spirits. 218 more words


Charlie Rangel was being interviewed on NPR two weeks ago, but here is the web version from CBS:

Rangel, Boxer Propose Constitutional Amendment Abolishing Electoral College…

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5th Week Blues

I’ve been thinking rather more about my time in Cambridge recently, as a result of my younger brother having just started a Computer Science at Christ’s College Cambridge.   306 more words

Warning! Potential Water Hazards

Half human and half fish or half human and half bird folklore lives and breathes in religious texts, literature, film, and big fish tales shooting from the mouths of drunken sailors spreading their over embellished stories of their voyages of the seas.   694 more words


Sunday Afternoon Opera...

It comes without the glitz or having to dress up… Czech Composer Antonin Dvorak (1868-1950) I believe Rusalka is one of the most popular Of his eight operas. 21 more words

This Too Will Pass