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Great men of the sixties...and Rush Limbaugh

Could not suck enough image out of the black and white TV in the sixties..how could a twelve year old kid be so obsessed?

People of power actually began and ended with JFK, he of the incredible good looks, enormous sexual appetites, and fabulous sense of humor. 473 more words

NFL double standards exposed after Colin Kaepernick incident

Let’s go back seven years when talk show host Rush Limbaugh wanted to pool his money together 417 more words


How Serious is Trump’s “Flip-Flop” on Immigration?

The ‘bride of Lucifer,’ Ann Coulter, has just released a new piece of trash, called by some ‘a book.’ It is titled, “In Trump We Trust.” She is one of the most extreme members of the Republican press, matched only by Rush Limbaugh. 476 more words

Conservatives Upset By Donald Trump's Immigration 'Softening'

Donald Trump’s new “softening” of his hardline immigration stance may put him more in line with the views of most Americans, but it’s left some conservatives furious. 765 more words

Du haßt

Ms Clinton says Mr Trump is mainstreaming hate.

Most of this nonsense is hatched in the foetid air of US conservative politics, and is spread miasmically by the hatestream media (H$M), Fox News, talk radio (especially its prince of darkness, Rush Limbaugh), militia confabs, and digital dungeons. 212 more words


Rush Limbaugh is the Republican Party’s Problem: Not the Solution

It is true that “there’s no cure for stupid.” It can also be said, at least in some cases; “there’s no cure for crazy.” Add them together and we get Rush Limbaugh. 462 more words

The Government Held A Summit For LGBT Farmers, And Rush Limbaugh Lost His Mind Over It

For the last fifteen years, the Department of Agriculture’s Office of Civil Rights has run a series of summits called the LGBT Rural Summit Series… 279 more words

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