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The Toxicity of Words

Some argue offensive words like “whore” or “slut” should be banned from usage—not in a legal sense but as a matter of social acceptability.  I believe society need not render more words as so socially unacceptable that their very utterance destroys lives, causing those that speak such words to be shunned or lose their jobs. 564 more words

Free Speech

Compare & Contrast

I have had both…I’m sticking with my pack of Labs.

“The difference between dogs and cats is that dogs have masters and cats have staff”…. 15 more words

Ray Visotski


How fascinating that some of us will believe what we want to believe no matter what facts stare us in the face.  We find ways to justify  beliefs we want to keep. 320 more words

Ivy League Study Says U.S. Is No Longer A Democracy

We’ve known this was coming. The America that Republicans have always wanted is finally here. It took years of intentional erosion of economic safeguards and institutional oversight. 422 more words

On the Uninformed and the Ill Informed

I truly believe that most people are uninformed and ill informed as to the social immorality which is the American way of life.

I look at my own circumstance, and for my part, I honestly did not know of the social immorality of our system; and that it dated to day one when the Euromaniacs landed here in 1492 and subsequently tortured, murdered, exploited and then starved out local Natives; all to feed the greed of the monied interests in Spain. 552 more words


Marriage Definition, God, and Importance of Family

Dinner Topics for Monday

Marriage Definition, God, and Importance of Family

Month-Defining Moment

Look, folks, it really isn’t complicated.  Marriage, like every other word, has a definition. 

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Dinner Topics

Stephanopoulos and Limbaugh - Where The Two Opposite Poles Meet

It was only $75,000.00 for the Clinton Foundation.  I guess to a lot of people that’s no big deal.  I understand that Mr. Stephanopoulos, now that the omission to report his donation has been exposed, recused himself from refereeing any upcoming GOP presidential debates.  295 more words