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Is Donald Trump A Victim of Predatory Women?

I am a strong believer in keeping an eye on the significant others of political figures.  We need to mind the size of their shoes closets, but, more importantly, the choice of partner reveals more about a man’s personality and decision-making than anything in his public life. 1,680 more words


Ross Douthat Finds 'Ascendant Social Liberalism' Lurking Beneath His Bed

The New York Times’ Resident Sophist Laureate, Ross Douthat, has a long-running argumentative and rhetorical strategy of suggesting, through dark imprecations, that ‘liberalism’ and ‘godlessness’ are to blame for America’s social evils, for they they have produced them by provoking a reaction to their excesses. 619 more words


Rush Limbaugh to pursue new Zebra Cake-themed radio show

By David Colton

DARK FOREST—In an interesting turn of events, Rush Limbaugh has just announced the subject of his new radio show: Lil’ Debbie Zebra Cakes. 202 more words

Obama Calls out FOX Noise and Rush Limbaugh

If you have read my rants more than a few times, you are fully aware that I believe that FOX Noise and Rush Limbaugh are two of the reasons our nation is controlled by fear, anger, and hatred, and why it is seriously divided. 607 more words

How to Assess a Website's Trustworthiness, Part 2

In the previous post in this series, I suggested a first guideline for deciding whether to trust a website:

#1: When the website makes a mistake, what kind is it? 712 more words


New Fall TV

We’ve already started on a new season of TV. Last night, American Horror Story (AHS from now on here) premiered it’s My Roanoke Nightmare last night.  226 more words

National Security: Trump Speech calls for Peace through Strength

National Security:

Trump Speech calls for Peace through Strength

Today, I’m here to talk to you about three crucial words that should be at the center always of our foreign policy: peace through strength.

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