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Biblical Truth, Moral Character, the Pope, and Hell

Biblical Truth, Moral Character, the Pope, and Hell

If you take hell out of that equation, if any religion officially took hell out of the equation, then you would, in a psychological, maybe even a realistic sense, … 1,182 more words

Judeo-Christian Culture

Excerpt From Chapter 8 of "JFK and the End of America"

The more lasting tragedy of 11/22/63 is that it began an era, an era that has no end in sight, of massive distrust of the government. 648 more words

JFK Assassination

Interview With Rush Limbaugh's # 1 Ditto-Head

“Your  Guru  is in quite a bit of hot water, isn’t he?”

“Rush is never wrong.”

“Then why did he apologize to Ms. Flake?”

“To shut up the extreme liberals and the wacko environmentalists.” 469 more words


Rush Limbaugh: I Just Hope Scott Pruitt Hangs in at EPA – ‘When you’re taking a lot of flak, you must be over the target’ —

Rush Limbaugh Apr 5, 2018 RUSH: Have you noticed how every political gun the Democrats and the media have is all of a sudden focused on Todd Pruitt at the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency?

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Climate Matters


Because Ted Nugent slammed survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, calling them “liars” and “poor, mushy-brained children” – and for a myriad of other reasons…THIS: 567 more words