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This is Rush Limbaugh’s Absolute Favorite Apple Watch Feature

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh got his hands on an Apple Watch, and he has a fairly positive opinion of the device.

Limbaugh wasn’t bowled over by the smart watch—”there’s no question it’s cool, but I’m just gonna tell you it’s exactly as I thought,” he told listeners Monday. 143 more words

Rush Limbaugh: "Why do people vote for the Democrat party, have their first black president, now they're angrier than ever???"...

I know Rush Limbaugh is not everyone’s favorite but this statement is pretty interesting and thought I’d pass it along.

I’ve noticed this too. Liberals voting for Democrat party, they got their Barack Obama like they wanted and they all seem very angry and pissed off. 497 more words


25 April 2015. Follow the Asses!


The Republican Party is full of anti-patriotic asshats who want to rob the country blind. They refuse to serve their country in the forces, yet they scream for war incessantly. 79 more words


What I Learned From Holding a Flashlight- The Ongoing Process of Focus

Focus is hard. It’s hard to find it, let alone maintain it. But it is the key to effectiveness in anything.

Dr. Henry Cloud talks in Boundaries For Leaders about the working memory, which is the memory we use to accomplish right-now tasks at home or on the job. 320 more words


Scientists Confirm Limbaugh Slowly Morphing Into Giant Cane Toad

MIAMI, FLORIDA – (CT&P) – Researchers at the Banzai Institute have confirmed that conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is slowly changing into a gigantic cane toad, or Rhinella marina. 466 more words


The Kluka Klan

This is Rush Limbaugh going after those who perpetrated the home invasions in the name of the law in Wisconsin in 2013. He wishes to ensure their names are known to one and all, and I am happy to assist. 347 more words

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