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Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Socialists

If it wasn’t obvious before, the Iowa caucuses should alarm Americans as we saw avowed socialist Bernie Sanders (D-VT) in a virtual tie with heir apparent Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket. 393 more words

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Limbaugh Claims Cruz Mirrors Reagan

There is no question that Rush Limbaugh is certifiably insane, but today he may have made the most outrageous comment of his sordid career.

“And then I expanded on it. 350 more words

2016 Election

Conservatism Wrong for America’s Future

Rush Limbaugh supports Ted Cruz; no surprise there. They are both extremists and hate the ideal of America. They spread fear and hatred instead of hope and compassion for their fellow man. 542 more words

2016 Election

Where have Republicans Been Since 2008?

Marco Rubio claims that President Obama wants to ‘change America.’ Not that he would know anything about our nation, its history, or the real Republican Party, but he is correct. 511 more words

2016 Election

Rush Limbaugh Defends Rubio's Debate Comments About Obama

Rush Limbaugh came to Marco Rubio’s rescue Monday, saying his performance at Saturday’s debate wasn’t as bad as others are saying.

The conservative talk show host praised Rubio for… 240 more words

Bashing Hillary Clinton's voice: "Screeching", "shrieking", and "shrill"

The past week has seen quite a bit of discussion of Hillary Clinton’s voice. As I wrote about last week, numerous people have called her “ 579 more words

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"No Rush"

Just a couple of days ago, a friend reached out to me and inquired about completing his resume.  We quickly set up a time and day to speak over-the-phone about the process. 337 more words

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