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The Rise of Victimhood Politics & the Media's Lack of Accountability

The Rise of Victimhood Politics & the Media’s Lack of Accountability
   by: Daniel Stone (@DanielGStone on Twitter)

The drive to my 8-5 job is one usually filled with ESPN’s Mike & Mike suburban dad style approach to sports talk or me jamming out to some classic jazz on Spotify. 1,410 more words

Trump Secures Needed Delegates. Pundits Call For "Moderation". Should He? H@!! no.

As you undoubtedly know by now, yesterday, American Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald J. Trump secured 1,238 Delegates, securing the Republican Party’s Nomination as their Presidential Candidate. 1,158 more words


Chris Berman To Retire At The End Of 2016 NFL Season...Maybe.

It would be somewhat easy to argue that the history of the NFL’s long and profitable relationship with television could not be told without some sort of nod to ESPN’s Chris Berman. 325 more words


Success of Obama’s Islamist agenda

Democrats blame Bush for “creating terrorists” by waging war on Islamists, but the only thing that creates Islamic terrorists is the teachings of Muhammad.  Obama’s agenda to weaken America and assist the Muslim Brotherhood in unleashing the Jihad has been an overwhelming success. 668 more words

Election 2016

Headlines -- 5/24/16

Taylor Swift has been labeled an “Aryan Goddess” by neo-Nazis, Justice Clarence Thomas supports striking jurors based on race, the Klan sends out transphobic fliers, and more. 104 more words


Rush: 'Shocking' reason to be cited when Hillary loses

PALM BEACH, Florida – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has received more than $21 million in just two years for giving speeches to large banks and corporations, and that could be the key factor in her potential political plunge, according to talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh. 1,199 more words